Selma Limam Mansar and Annette Vincent at the Women in Leadership Forum hosted by Texas A&M University at Qatar
Selma Limam Mansar and Annette Vincent at the Women in Leadership Forum hosted by Texas A&M University at Qatar

CMU-Q faculty members discuss women in leadership at Education City forum

Two CMU-Q faculty members shared their journeys at the Women in Leadership in Education City forum, hosted by Texas A&M University at Qatar.

Selma Limam Mansar, the senior associate dean for education, and Annette Vincent, the associate dean for diversity and climate, each spoke about the key elements for their successes in leadership in academia.

Limam Mansar told the panel that as a child, she and her sisters were encouraged to step outside traditional gender roles and discover what they liked. This parental support, and later a supportive husband, was critical to her success.

“My father said, go and fly and figure it out. I learned to follow my own path.”

Limam Mansar has a master’s degree and PhD in industrial engineering from l’Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble in France. As one of the original faculty members in CMU-Q’s Information Systems Program, she helped to establish the program at the Qatar campus. Limam Mansar was appointed associate dean for education in 2014, and she also serves as the area head of Information Systems.

For Vincent, the mentoring from several faculty members at Carnegie Mellon University was key. Vincent joined CMU-Q as an assistant teaching professor of biological sciences, and she developed her skills in teaching, advising and running a lab within a supportive and encouraging environment. When the position of program director for the Biological Sciences Program became available, Vincent remembers Limam Mansar encouraging her to take the role.

“I still remember Selma standing at my door and saying, ‘you can do it!’”

Vincent has recently taken a new leadership role on the campus. Over the summer, Michael Trick, the dean of CMU-Q, created the position of associate dean for diversity and climate. Vincent, who has been an integral member of the campus’ efforts in these areas, was keen to take on the role.

“In academia, there is still work to do to gain gender equality. I believe at CMU-Q, we are fostering a supportive environment that encourages and supports women as they pursue their careers.”


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