Mubarak Al-Sulaiti received his degree in information systems.
Mubarak Al-Sulaiti received his degree in information systems.

CMU-Q graduate Mubarak Al-Sulaiti: This campus is so inspiring

We are celebrating the Class of 2022, a group of 89 exceptional individuals who received their CMU degrees on May 9. Today, we talk to Mubarak Al-Sulaiti who received his degree in information systems. 

CMU-Q is a Qatar Foundation partner university.


Go back to your decision to come to CMU: what did that involve?

When I graduated high school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I felt a lot of pressure to decide the path my life was going to go on. My sister was at CMU 10 years ago, so that influenced my decision. I decided to give a visit to all the universities I got accepted to, and as soon as I walked into CMU-Q I was floored. I was like, okay, this has to be right.


So did you decide to go into information systems? 

No, I applied for business administration because that’s what my sister applied to. I thought, she had fun with that, so I would have fun with that too. I also applied to the Summer Edge Program before classes started, and that gave me a little taste of what I would be studying. I realized business wasn’t for me. So I visited the other majors, and I thought what they were doing in information systems was really cool. I applied to change my major, and as soon as I started my first year, I was in information systems. 


What did you like about it?

I wanted to find my passion, you know, and information systems felt like the field to go into for that. It has a little bit of everything: a little bit of design, a little bit of programming, a little bit of business knowledge. I thought that this sounded like a great starting point for me. 


So when I think of you, I think of someone who has been deeply involved in student leadership and student life. 

As soon as I came into university, I learned how clubs are led by students and students were hosting events and stuff. I knew I wanted to do that. At the end of first year, there were elections for Student Majlis. I was elected head of communications, and I think that was the most fun that I’ve had in CMU. People were really enjoying the events. And I put in so much effort. 


So the pandemic hit during your sophomore year. What was your experience?

I was so passionate about Student Majlis that as soon as COVID came I thought, we’re not stopping. We’re going online. We’re going to have a YouTube series. It was called Thursday Majlis At Home and it’s probably one of the things I’m most proud of. I went on to be Student Majlis president. We didn’t think COVID would last so long, and I wished I could have done more events as president.


When you talk to high school students who are thinking about where to study, what do you say about CMU-Q?

It can be a competitive community, because when you bring in all of these top students, it can get very intense. I tell the first-years to just go with the flow and not get caught up too much in that.

It’s honestly such an accepting and inclusive environment. As soon as I came into CMU-Q, I thought, I’m just going to let go of everything. I’m going to be myself because everyone’s having fun around me. I started to grow as a person. The campus is so inspiring and people around you are so inspiring.


What do you find inspiring about the campus?

You see people do such amazing stuff. They go on TV shows, they do events, people are always doing a lot of things around you. And the smallest initiative on campus can make a big difference. I remember there was an initiative from a club called the Big Movement to write something kind about one of your classmates. That was in my first year and I found it very supportive. 


What will you miss most about CMU-Q?

I’ll miss the community. So much of my social experience has been just hanging out here, sitting in the food court and spending time with my friends. I’ll miss the staff and faculty. Over the past four years, I’ve gotten really close to them. It’s always so nice to stumble on people and just chat with them for a little bit and get a little taste of what’s going on in their lives. That’s what I love about this campus.


The Class of 2022 is made up of 18 biological sciences graduates, 25 business administration graduates, 14 computer science graduates and 31 information systems graduates, as well as one graduate who completed dual degrees in biological sciences and computer science. The graduates come from 23 countries, and 44% are Qatari citizens.


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