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Mindcraft sessions will take place at CMU-Q!

Computer science is about exploration, design and innovation; it is behind the tools we use daily, like web search, email, social networks and databases, as well as advanced systems like robots, driverless cars and modern aviation. The fields of engineering, science, business and social science depend on computer science, and it will be a driving force as technology continues to shape our world.

Mindcraft is an introduction to the concepts of computer science and the types of careers you can pursue with a degree in computer science.

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What is Mindcraft?

Mindcraft workshops are for secondary students interested to learn more about computer science.

A fun and interactive experience, you will spend the day exploring programming, problem solving and other skills within computer science. We want you to learn and enjoy computer science and imagine yourself making your career in this exciting field.

Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon

Mindcraft is led by faculty members from CMU-Q’s Computer Science program, with CS students assisting and answering your questions. CMU-Q’s Computer Science Program is based on the curriculum of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, USA, one of the best programs in the world. Our award-winning faculty, researchers and students are internationally known for developing new methods and technologies that shape the world.

Careers in Computer Science

  • Roboticist
  • 3D graphics programmer
  • Software developer
  • Game programmer
  • Software engineer
  • User experience designer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Web developer
  • Artificial intelligence engineer

Graduates in computer science work at companies like Google, Airbnb, Ooredoo, Shell, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), General Electric and Qatar Petroleum.

Learn more about Mindcraft:
Phone: +974 44548688

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