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Carnegie Mellon students and graduates are talented young professionals who understand how to apply their academic studies in the workplace. They are known for problem-solving, teamwork and adaptability. At CMU-Q, students face real-world problem sets so when they are in the workplace, they have the skills to contribute to your organization in meaningful ways.

Engage with CMU-Q talent

The best way to learn how CMU-Q students and graduates could add to your organization is to visit our campus and meet them for yourself. Organizations engage with students in many ways:

  • attending career fairs and networking events
  • leading a career information session
  • sponsoring case competitions

Employers who come to campus can explain their specific organizational needs, and qualified, interested students know what to expect. It’s a formula that results in the right students working for the right organizations.

Contact the Career Development Office to learn more.

Contact the Career Development Office


Recruiting at CMU-Q

We look forward to connecting you with motivated, ambitious, and engaging CMU-Q students. CMU-Q  students set themselves apart:

  • Critical thinkers: From the first semester, CMU-Q students are asked to put theory into context through creative problem-solving.
  • Self-starters: Students are encouraged to find their passion, expand their knowledge and be active in their own education and career development.
  • Leaders: CMU-Q students are encouraged to lead clubs, organize events, and work as part of a team in project-based coursework.
  • Global citizens: CMU-Q students are community-focused and active in local, regional and international service work.

For more information contact:

Mohammed Mirza
Senior Career Consultant

Faten El Ayache
Senior Employer Relations Consultant

CMU-Q’s Career Development Office

Notable Organizations that Employ CMU-Q Graduates