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Our students and graduates are analytical, creative and hard-working. They are problem-solvers. They know how to work in teams, and they know how to adapt to the workplace. We are confident that these young men and women will contribute to your organization in meaningful ways.

Who are CMU-Q students?

Every CMU-Q student has been selected from the best applications from Qatar and around the world. Our students are strong academically, but we select them for more than just grades. We look for students who are engaged with their communities, thoughtful about the world and creative in their interests. They have a global mindset, and they work very hard.

What do CMU-Q students learn?

We offer four undergraduate programs at CMU-Q: biological sciences, business administrationcomputer science and information systems. In each program, students learn the foundation of the discipline, and then they can specialize in different areas of interest.

In all programs, students are looking at real-world problems from their first semester. CMU-Q strongly encourages learning through doing. Students participate in research projects, business case competitions and projects where they engage with external clients.

How do we prepare students for the workplace?

In their classes, research projects and academic enrichment activities, students learn to apply knowledge to the real world. We also offer a comprehensive slate of workshops, events and opportunities for students to learn the skills of networking, job search and interviewing.

Career development initiatives at CMU-Q
  • Career info sessions: employers come to campus to share their organization and opportunities
  • Career Cafe: informal networking sessions for students and employers to meet
  • Case competitions: employers host business case competitions to see how students would solve a real-world problem
  • Guest lectures: experts from industry and government share their perspectives on topical issues
  • Career panels: focusing on industries relevant to our students, experts share their perspectives on career paths and the job market
  • Careers Platform: employers come to campus to meet and network with students
  • Student workshops: held throughout the year, topics include interviewing, resume writing and networking
  • Tartan Talks: CMU-Q alumni return to campus to share their experiences in the work world

How can a CMU-Q student or grad help your organization?

While every organization has different needs, here are some ways our students could contribute to your team.

  • Hire an intern: Students are generally available for internships between May and mid-August, although this varies according to the student’s schedule. Interns learn valuable workplace skills while contributing to your team. Many employers go on to hire their interns after graduation.
  • Sponsor a case competition: Organizations turn to CMU-Q students with a specific problem that requires a creative solution. Students, often from the Business Administration and Information Systems programs, provide valuable insight and enjoy the competitive challenge of solving a real-world problem.
  • Share your opportunities: There are many ways to share the opportunities available at your organization. We will work with you to find the right way to connect with our students and graduates.

For more information contact:

Mohammed Mirza
Senior Career Consultant

Dania Makki
Senior Employer Relations Consultant

CMU-Q’s Career Development Team


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