Pi Day registration open January 8, 2023!
Work as a team. Solve problems. Celebrate mathematics.

The Pi Day Mathematics Competition is an opportunity for secondary/ high school students in Qatar’s government and private schools to explore the fun side of mathematics.

About Pi Day

The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is an irrational number denoted by the Greek letter π and commonly approximated as 3.14. Every year, the day March 14 (written as 3/14 in the month/date format) is celebrated in several countries as Pi Day. The main objective of these celebrations is to highlight the importance of π and have some fun doing mathematics. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar will host a Pi Day celebration by organizing a mathematics competition for high school students. The goal of this competition is to enhance awareness of and interest in mathematics in the high school communities in Qatar.

The Competition

Teams of four students compete in two rounds of mathematical problem solving. The preliminary round will determine the top four teams. The top four teams advance to the final round. The venue for both events is the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar campus in Education City.


Any high school student in the State of Qatar is eligible to participate. See rules and regulations for more details.

Rules and Regulations

Please read the CMU-Q Pi Day mathematics competition rules and regulations before entering the competition.


Certificates of Participation will be given to all participants in the preliminary round. The finalists will receive awards after the final round.

Past Pi Day Finalist and Winners

Results 2019

  • First place
    • American School of Doha: Andrew Awada, Ishwar Karthik, Aditya Kumaran, Mayank Kumaran, Fernando Perez (mentor)
  • Second place
    • DPS Modern Indian School: Johanna Jose, Sarthak Modi, Sankalpa Raymondal, Sreedev Sreekumar, Umashankar Sambara (mentor)
  • Third place
    • DPS Modern Indian School: Ishaq Ansari, Yaqoob Ansari, Aakash Jain, Anshuman Roy, Umashankar Sambara (mentor)
  • Fourth Place
    • Qatar Academy: Maytham Haji, Ziad Khattab, Juntae Park, Venika Vachani, Jason Maraku (mentor), Zeina Jawad (mentor)

Results 2018

  • First place
    • Delhi Public School: Aakash Jain, Abhimanyu Sanjay Kumar, Ishaq Ansari, Yaqoob Ansari
  • Second place
    • American School of Doha: Ishwar Khartik, Sienna Whiteley, Sarah Thomas, Sana Karnik
  • Third place
    • International School of Choueifat: Mohammed Khalid, Omar Murad, Obai Darwish, Raghad El Ghali
  • Fourth Place
    • Birla Public School: Hrisheekesh Rajeez Kumar, Vijairam Ganesh Moorthy, Khushi Jha, Amil Rajesh

Results 2017

  • First place
    • DPS Modern Indian School: Nikil Roashan Selvam, Prithviraj RaY, Shrvan Rajendra Warke, Jiten Vijaykumar Dhandha
  • Second place
    • Qatar Academy Doha: Tanya Shibu, Usama Usman, Yoojin Kim, Bader Hijji
  • Third place
    • International School of Choueifat: Asra Suhail, Raneem Basheer, Layan Al Huneidi, Syed Mohammad Jalil
  • Fourth place:
    • DPS Modern Indian School: Ahmed Raza, Muhammad Hamzah, Mohammad Yaqoob Ansari, Mohammad Ishaq Ansari

Results 2016

  • First place
    • International School of London: Abdulla Al Rumaihi, Ali Abdeen, Dongwon Nam, GaEun Heo
  • Second place
    • Tariq Bin Ziad Boys School: Mohamed Hafez Norulahaq, Ahmed Jamal Hamdi, Muath Omer Ahmed, Mohamed Mash-hor Talhami
  • Third place:
    • Doha College: Meshaal Kirmani, Hyemin Kim, Jun Hyeong Park, Tahmeed Shafiq
  • Fourth place:
    • Doha College: Khashim Haider, Rohan Suresh, Matias Huber, Abdel Rahman Osman

Important Dates

  • Registration starts on Sunday, January 8, 2023
  • Registration deadline is Thursday, February 9, 2023
  • The preliminary round will take place on Saturday, February 18, 2023
  • The final round will take place on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

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