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Academic calendar

ATTENTION: The spring 2020 academic calendar has been amended.

2019-2020 Academic Calendar Updates

Last Updated Wednesday, March 25, 2020

  • Semester Pass/Fail Grade Option Deadline, previously March 30, now canceled
  • Mini-4 Course Drop Deadline moved from March 26 to April 2
  • Semester Course Withdrawal Grade Deadline moved from March 29 to April 5
  • Tuesday Makeup Classes Meeting Day (follow the Tuesday class schedule) is March 28
  • Wednesday Makeup Classes Meeting Day (follow the Wednesday class schedule) is April 11
  • Mini-4 Pass/Fail Grade Option Deadline, previously April 14, now canceled
  • Mini-4 Course Withdrawal Grade Deadline, moved from April 9 to April 16
  • Additional Makeup Final Examination Day, May 4
  • Additional Makeup Final Examination Day, May 5
  • QF Convocation, May 5, postponed
  • CMU-Q Diploma Ceremony, May 6, postponed
  • CMU-P Commencement, previously May 17, now postponed
    The university will be announcing plans for the virtual conferral of degrees; details are forthcoming. 
  • All student grades due by 11 p.m. (local time), May 10
  • Spring 2020 Semester & Mini-4 Special Pass/Fail Grade Election Period, May 11-17
    Details are forthcoming on the process for students to make these elections; decisions will be irrevocable. 

Further updates will be posted as they occur.