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Dear Parents,

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar is a small campus with a big spirit, a vibrant, engaging, challenging and caring environment for our students. At CMU-Q, we focus on developing the whole person. When students begin as freshmen, they are just discovering their talents and interests. Over their four-year journey, students grow intellectually, they learn about new paths and areas of interest, and they learn to succeed and thrive in the global workplace.

We invite you to learn more about the CMU-Q community: our enthusiastic students, accomplished faculty and supportive staff. We also invite you to explore the strong educational foundation our students receive, and the many ways they learn beyond the classroom.

We are available to answer any questions that you may have. We recommend that you follow us on Facebook so you can see how our students are making an impact. Call us at +974 454 8400 or send us an email. We welcome you and your student to the CMU-Q family.

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

How can I support my university student?

Going to university is an exciting and new adventure for students, but it is also a time of transition for the entire family. Parents frequently ask how they can support their adult children during their studies. Though every family is unique, we’ve observed some common themes that might help. Encourage your child to:

  • Get involved with a club–meeting new people and exploring interests is a part of the university experience
  • Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep–healthy students are by far the most successful in their studies
  • Ask for help with coursework–CMU-Q’s professors, teaching assistants, library and Academic Resource Center are available to help with any questions
  • Ask for help if he or she is feeling overwhelmed–CMU-Q is a supportive environment, with health and wellness professionals available to guide overwhelmed students through stressful periods


Parent’s FAQ

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, email ug@qatar.cmu.edu or call +974 4454 8400. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible; however, during our peak time, please understand it may take up to 48 hours for a response. Kindly note that CMU-Q’s regular office hours are Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Arabia Standard Time (GMT +3 hours).

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Where do students live on campus?

Students who live on campus stay in HBKU Student Housing: state-of-the-art facilities created to be sustainable, bright, practical and inspirational.

HBKU housing

How do students spend their free time in Qatar?

CMU-Q students spend their free time very similarly to how they would at home: they get together with friends and classmates and go to movies, share a meal, go to the shopping malls, attend religious services and play sports. There are many university-sponsored events and activities that are offered to students throughout the year.

Many students join clubs with other like-minded classmates.

The Student Experience 

How much money do students spend in a typical week?

This really depends on the individual student. Since students tend to be very busy with classes and studying during the week, many spend little money except on weekends when they go out to dinner, to the movies or shopping for personal needs. Other students tend to save their money for travel and vacations. The amount varies from student to student and we encourage parents to have frank conversations about money management before the student leaves home.

What is the best way for my student to access cash?

The most convenient way for students to access money in Qatar is by using an ATM card that is linked to an account they (or you) have back home. ATMs are numerous throughout the city, as well as one in the Carnegie Mellon building and others on the Education City campus. Some parents choose to provide their students with pre-paid Visa or Mastercards.

What type of phone should my student bring to Qatar?

If your student is planning on bringing a mobile phone from home, make sure that the phone is not “carrier (or SIM) locked.” If your student does not have an unlocked phone, he or she can purchase one at home or within Qatar. Inexpensive phones are easily available in Qatar.

If I want to mail a letter or box to my student, what is the best address to use?

The mailing address for standard mail is:

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

Student Name
PO Box 24866
Doha, Qatar

Will the university provide a laptop computer for my son or daughter?

Students do not receive laptops from the university; however the university has made a significant investment in student computers, which are located in the library, residential colleges, campus center, and various classrooms. Most of these computers are available 24 hours a day. Both Mac and Windows computers are available.



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