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The Kind of Place Where You Belong

Your life as a CMU-Q student is about exploring new interests, building a community of friends and faculty you’ll keep close for life, and figuring out where your career path will lead you.

<h2>Get involved</h2>

Get involved

At CMU-Q, clubs are run by the students, for the students. Each year, there are about 30 clubs that explore a wide variety of interests. If you don’t see something that catches your eye, start your own club and share your passions with your classmates.

<h2>Make an impact</h2>

Make an impact

As a student at CMU-Q, you will develop the communication, teamwork, and leadership skills that make for a natural transition to the workplace. CMU-Q’s Career Development Office provides you with the information and guidance to build your resume and find your path after graduation.

<h2>Thrive at CMU-Q</h2>

Thrive at CMU-Q

Health and wellness is a crucial part of succeeding in university. We provide health education, health coaching, wellness programs, and guidance for health care resources in Qatar. CMU-Q also offers counseling services to help students develop solutions to emotional, academic and interpersonal challenges.

<h2>See the world</h2>

See the world

As a CMU-Q student, you are part of a diverse international community. Many students choose to explore the world through study abroad, campus exchange, or guided global learning trips. By the time they graduate, most CMU-Q students have had a global learning experience, introducing them to new cultures, languages and ways of living and working.

We are Tartans!

Carnegie Mellon students and graduates are called Tartans. A tartan plaid is a traditional Scottish fabric of woven red, blue, green and yellow threads. At CMU, Tartans are both diverse and connected as a community, just like the fabric we are named for.