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Ibtikar will take place online!

Analyze. Design. Create.

Ibtikar: The Information Systems Advantage

Update: Ibtikar Qatar will take place in the spring semester


*You will choose one of two sessions to learn about different aspects of information systems. Please sign up for only one session. Capacity is limited.

Option 1: Design Thinking for Innovation: Creating a New World

Nui Vatanasakdakul, Associate Teaching Professor, Information Systems

Design thinking is the process of creating new and innovative ideas to solve a wicked problem. It is a “human-centered” approach, which means that it uses evidence of how consumers actually engage with a product or service, rather than how developers think they will engage with it. In this session, we learn the design thinking framework and apply it in a case scenario. We aim to integrate advanced IT concepts in creating better user experiences in a future world.


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Option 2: COVID-19 survival prediction using data science techniques

Houda Bouamor, Assistant Teaching Professor of Information Systems

Daniel Phelps, Area Head, Associate Teaching Professor, Information Systems

In this workshop participants will learn about data science and work on a real-world case to build a tool for COVID-19 patient survival prediction based on their demographics and health status. Participants will explore data analysis and use several techniques of data visualization to understand if there are any links between patient’s gender and age and the risk of mortality.

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What is Ibtikar?


Led by CMU-Q students and faculty members, Ibtikar is a workshop that introduces high school students to the ways information systems can meet human needs, add business value and build feasible technologies.

What is information systems?

From programming to project management to creating new ventures, the field of information systems creates value by using technology to generate, process and distribute information in an effective, efficient way.

Information systems professionals work in a variety of settings to analyze how things connect and work together, whether virtual or real, from small processes to large organizations. This allows them to design new ways to address problems and challenges, and implement ideas that improve productivity and efficiency.

Careers in Information Systems

  • Innovation entrepreneur
  • Web designer
  • E-commerce coordinator
  • Systems analyst
  • Software designer
  • Computer security specialist
  • Project manager
  • IT consultant
  • Data analyst

Graduates in information systems work for organizations such as Amazon, Procter & Gamble, RasGas, Google, Qatar Airways and General Electric, Sidra Medicine and Qatar Central Bank.

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