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Analyze. Design. Create.

Could a career in information systems be right for you?

Information systems professionals analyze how organizations are operating, design new ways to address problems, and implement ideas that improve productivity and efficiency.

Business Process Management

A business process is a set of activities performed to achieve a certain objective. For example, university admission is a business process that involves activities such as submitting an online application, sending transcripts and recommendation letters and reviewing applications.  Understanding, documenting and managing business processes help organizations succeed. This half-day workshop introduces students to the principles, methods, and tools to discover, analyze, redesign, and automate business processes. Students will engage in hands-on sessions that include visual notations for modeling and software tools for automation.

A half day in the life of an Information Systems student

What is it like to be an information systems student at CMU-Q? In this workshop, you will attend classes and learn things like creating amazing innovations using design thinking, exploring sustainability, making processes fly, and developing killer web apps. Best of all, you will meet information systems students who will share their experiences and answer your questions.

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What is Ibtikar?


Led by CMU-Q students and faculty members, Ibtikar is a workshop that introduces high school students to the ways information systems can meet human needs, add business value and build feasible technologies.

What is information systems?

From programming to project management to creating new ventures, the field of information systems creates value by using technology to generate, process and distribute information in an effective, efficient way.

Information systems professionals work in a variety of settings to analyze how things connect and work together, whether virtual or real, from small processes to large organizations. This allows them to design new ways to address problems and challenges, and implement ideas that improve productivity and efficiency.

Careers in Information Systems

  • Innovation entrepreneur
  • Web designer
  • E-commerce coordinator
  • Systems analyst
  • Software designer
  • Computer security specialist
  • Project manager
  • IT consultant
  • Data analyst

Graduates in information systems work for organizations such as Amazon, Procter & Gamble, RasGas, Google, Qatar Airways and General Electric, Sidra Medicine and Qatar Central Bank.

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