Niraj Khare

Niraj Khare

Associate Teaching Professor, Mathematics

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Niraj Khare is an associate teaching professor of mathematics with expertise in combinatorics, in particular extremal graph, extremal hypergraph theory and enumerative combinatorics.


Ph.D., Discrete MathematicsOhio State University, Columbus, OH

B.Sc. HonorsMathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

Area Of Expertise

Combinatorics, in particular extremal graph, extremal hypergraph theory and enumerative combinatorics.

Research Description

The broad field of Khare's research is combinatorics, in particular extremal set theory, graph theory, hypergraph theory and enumerative combinatorics. Application of graph theory and hypergraph theory in developing algorithms based on new research involving constructional proofs over existential ones also interests Khare, as well as application of combinatorics to business, biology and physics. His work can be partitioned into two areas: work on graphs and hypergraphs, and work on enumerative combinatorics.

Research Keywords

Graphs, hyper-graphs, parking functions, matchings, degree, independent set, enumeration, moments.


Selected Publications

Moments of matching statistics, The Journal of Combinatorics, 8, 1-27, 2017. (Lorentz, R., and Yan, C.).

Graphs with restricted valency and matching number, Discrete Mathematics, 309(2009), 4176-4180 (with Niranjan Balachandran) doi:10.1016/j.disc.2008.10.007

On the size of a 3-uniform linear hypergraph, Discrete Mathematics, 334 (2014), 26-37 (

Generalization of Erdos-Gallai edge bound, European journal of Combinatorics, 43 (2015) 124-130 (with N. Mehta and N. Puliyambalath) (

Bivariate Goncarov Polynomials and Integer Sequences, Science China Mathematics, 57 (2014), 1561-1578 (with Rudolf Lorentz and Catherine Yan) (

Moments of permutation statistics and central limit theorems, Advances in Applied Mathematics, Vol 155, 2014 (with Stoyan Dimitrov) ( ).