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Career Development at Carnegie Mellon

The career development team is dedicated to connecting well-prepared, knowledgeable and enthusiastic students with potential employers. Career development serves as a bridge for students who are moving into the professional world, ensuring they have the workplace skills that complement their first-class Carnegie Mellon education.


Career Services

The career development team opens the channels of communication so employers see the quality of CMU graduates, and students gain real-world experience.

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Jobs, Internships and Sponsorships

When jobs, internships and sponsorships become available, we post opportunities and encourage qualified students to submit their resumes. We pass on the resumes to employers, who then short-list candidates.

The career development team uses the Handshake platform to help match qualified students with these opportunities.

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Job Shadowing

The career development team arranges for job shadowing to give students the experience of walking through the work day of different professionals.

Career Learning

Throughout the academic year, the career development team arranges events to introduce students to prospective employers. These events include information sessions, day-long workshops, networking sessions and career trips. CMU-Q also participates in the Education City Career Fair.

Preparing young professionals


The career development team helps students develop the professional skills to move seamlessly into the workplace.

  • Counseling students to ensure their aspirations are in line with their interests and aptitudes.
  • Providing workshops on professional skills like resume writing. Each year the career development team compiles and publishes the resumes of the graduating class, an invaluable resource to employers.
  • Developing interviewing and networking skills. Before networking events and career fairs, the career development team helps students develop skills like interviewing, dressing appropriately for the workplace and communicating effectively.

Career Development Office Contacts

Mohammed Mirza
Senior Career Consultant

Dania Makki
Senior Employer Relations Consultant