This is the third year in a row that Qatar campus students have been selected as Innovation Scholars.
This is the third year in a row that Qatar campus students have been selected as Innovation Scholars.

Two CMU-Q business students selected for Innovation Scholar program

Two business administration students from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q) were selected as Innovation Scholars by the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon’s main campus in Pittsburgh. CMU-Q is a Qatar Foundation partner university.

Mukhammadjon Gafurov and Maria Sultana Mina are both beginning their junior year at CMU-Q. This is the first time that the Swartz Center has selected two Qatar campus students for a new Innovation Scholars cohort. The first student to be chosen, Yusufbek Nasriddinov, has recently completed the program as part of the 2023 Innovation Scholars cohort. Asad Abdurazzakov is part of the 2024 cohort.

The Innovation Scholars program is a program that runs parallel to students’ final two years of study. The program aims to foster and encourage entrepreneurship through academic coursework, work experience, networking and mentorship. 

Fuad Farooqi is the area head of business administration at CMU-Q. “For students who are interested in entrepreneurship, the Innovation Scholar program is an excellent opportunity to learn and network while continuing their regular studies. The program emphasizes mentorship for emerging entrepreneurs, which makes this a very enriching experience.”

Gafurov has had experience working on a startup in its early stages, and he believes the program will provide both knowledge and guidance. 

“Yusufbek and Asad were very helpful in sharing their experience,” said Gafurov. “I look forward to developing my skills through the Innovation Scholar program, and I think the mentorship aspect will be an important aspect.” 

Mina has sought out entrepreneurship opportunities since moving to Qatar to study at CMU-Q. She participated in the Injaz program, and her team went on to win both nationally and regionally. She looks forward to a stronger presence for Innovation Scholars at the Qatar campus. 

“When I attended military school before joining CMU-Q, they taught us that ‘together, we stand stronger,’” said Mina. “I think the innovation scholars at CMU-Q are proving this true, since we now have scholars on campus who can answer our questions and support us as we do the program. I hope to help inspire more CMU-Q students to do the program and I can be a mentor to them.”

CMU-Q offers undergraduate programs in biological sciences, business administration, computer science and information systems. Students can also choose to pursue a minor in tech entrepreneurship, which provides students with an in-depth, interdisciplinary understanding of entrepreneurship with a focus on digital technologies.

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