Joud Ghalayini
Joud Ghalayini is a business administration student

BA student joins discussion on post-pandemic era

Business administration student Joud Ghalayini was part of the inaugural #DearWorld Live, a new initiative by Qatar Foundation’s Doha Debates. The interactive livestream series is a venue for experts and young leaders to discuss the issues that face a post-pandemic world.

The topic of the first panel was “Inside India’s massive lockdown.” With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, India’s lockdown is the biggest in the world.

“The most interesting issue, in my opinion, was how not everyone has the privilege or resources that allow them to social distance or sustain themselves under a lockdown. We discussed this in relation to the lockdown in India, since a lot of people are out of jobs and food,” reflected Ghalayini after the debate.

Ghalayini has been part of the Doha Debates student engagement program, #TheFeed, since January. As a business administration student, she has turned an analytical eye on the global pandemic response. “I’ve personally given a lot of thought to daily wage workers who are now out of a source of income. The effects of this will be more apparent the longer the pandemic goes on, as personal savings run out and as more enterprises are faced with the need to lay off workers due to cash flow issues.”

The new online discussion show focuses on different aspects of the pandemic and its effects on people’s lives. The sessions encourage students and other young people to join the virtual conversation so they are engaged with finding solutions to the unfolding global situation.

#DearWorld Live will be streamed every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., Doha time.


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