CMU-Q teams win top spots at Power of Analytics competition
CMU-Q teams win top spots at Power of Analytics competition

CMU-Q teams place 2nd and 3rd at QU business competition

A team of first-year students in the Business Administration Program at CMU-Q placed second at the Power of Analytics Business Case Competition hosted by Qatar University.

Jawaria Abbas, Sara Hussein and Omaia Khandaker are finishing their first semester at CMU-Q and had never competed in a business case competition before.

“This was our first business case, so we weren’t quite sure how to tackle the problem,” said Abbas. “We went to the competition for the experience, and we learned a lot.”

Another team from CMU-Q placed third in the competition. Yasmin Abdelaal, Zainab Akhtar and Aya El-Sakka are juniors in the Information Systems Program at CMU-Q.

Business case competitions present students with a real-world scenario to analyze and solve. As business and technology become more integrated, many case competitions are incorporating technological aspects into the scenarios.

“We are Information Systems majors, so we mainly used analytics to approach the problem,” said Akhtar. “We do learn many aspects of business through the study of Information Systems, and that knowledge was very helpful in the competition.”

CMU-Q offers undergraduate degree programs in both business administration and information systems, as well as biological sciences, computational biology and computer science.

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