Mohamed Hamdi, Class of 2019
Mohamed Hamdi, Class of 2019

Exploration, competition and community at CMU-Q shaped business administration grad Mohamed Hamdi

As we approach Graduation 2019, we are looking at just a few of the 78 graduating seniors who are finishing their undergraduate degrees and beginning careers in business, science and technology. Today we profile Mohamed Hamdi, who is graduating with a degree in business administration.

In the last two years of his undergraduate degree, Mohamed Hamdi has been developing his competitive side.

“It started with the CMU-Q internal business case competition,” he remembers. He placed first in the weekend-long contest, and it whet his appetite for other challenges. In his junior year, Hamdi and his team placed second in both the Al Ruwad Business Case Competition and CMU-Q’s Quick Startup. In his senior year, he and his team won Quick Startup and took the Best Design award at CMU-Q’s Hackathon.

“These competitions bring out the entrepreneur in me. They push me to solve a problem, take different directions, and sharpen my ideas and skills.”

Throughout his education, Hamdi has embraced opportunities to learn and explore. He is graduating with University Honors and as part of the Phi Khappa Phi honor society, concentrating in marketing and business analytics and with a minor in economics.“I enjoy finance and analytics the most, and CMU-Q has given me intense knowledge in the field.”

While studying business has been Hamdi’s main focus, he also branched out to other offerings at CMU-Q, including classes in programming. “It wasn’t mandatory, but I wanted to learn how computer science students look at problems and solve them.”

The personal exploration extended beyond the classroom. He served as president of the CMU-Q Planetary Society, arranging desert field trips to go stargazing. As an active member of the Music Club he played guitar, bass and drums, and performed at Backyard Battle and Tartans Got Talent.

“CMU-Q has a lot to offer,” he said.

After his freshman year, Hamdi’s academic excellence was noticed by Siemens Qatar. The firm contacted him and offered to sponsor his studies. After graduation, Hamdi will officially join the Siemens team.

Looking back, Hamdi recognizes how valuable his time at CMU-Q has been: “It’s been a very special experience. We are able to interact with the professors so easily, the professors know you by name. We are one community at CMU-Q.”

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