Internship Showcase 2017
Internship Showcase 2017

CMU-Q interns share lessons from top organizations

At Internship Showcase 2017, five CMU-Q students shared their experiences interning at some of Qatar’s leading organizations.

Moussa Zekak, Ommar Aburaddad, Muhammad Bashir, Manisha Dareddy and Julian Sam discussed the lessons they learned during their first forays into the workplace: “The general professionalism CMU-Q teaches us helped me fit in in the corporate environment, even though this was my first internship,” said Aburaddad, who interned at Nestlé Qatar.

Dareddy, who interned as a geographic information system (GIS) developer at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, said she was pleasantly surprised at how well CMU-Q had prepared her. “Never underestimate the technical courses you take here. I didn’t think my GIS skills would be good enough, but on the first day I was able to step up and use their program,” she said.

Practical skillsets are a major motivator for organizations to seek out CMU-Q students. Abdulla AlKhenji, himself a CMU-Q graduate and co-founder of the physician referral app Meddy, offered Sam an internship knowing he would be getting a dedicated worker.

“The reason we like hiring CMU-Q students is because we are familiar with the courses they are taking, they come with a very hard working mentality and add a lot of value to the team,” AlKhenji said. “They are not afraid to experiment and fail because they always want to learn. So far, most of our team is CMU-Q graduates, most of them had an internship with Meddy and proved themselves to be very valuable and qualified for the job.”

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