Consulting team for Coca-Cola case
Consulting team for Coca-Cola case

Student consulting club tackles Coca Cola business case

A team of third-year students worked with executives at Coca-Cola to create a marketing strategy for the beverage giant. The students are part of the CMU-Q Consulting Club, which brings together students interested in pursuing careers in the challenging field of management consulting.

“The student team was amazing,” said Fuad Farooqi, associate teaching professor of finance and the faculty advisor for the club. “They worked on this business case all last semester and pushed each other to work hard, despite their regular course workloads.”

“Our experience with Coca-Cola was extremely transformative,” said Manar Saleh Al Farsi, a junior in business administration and the team leader on the Coca-Cola project. “We had the opportunity to use what we learned in university and apply it to a real-life business situation.”

The club was created last year as a mentorship vehicle for students interesting in consulting. Partnering with real companies provides a training ground for students to learn how to interface with clients, gather information and insight, and solve complex business problems.

“It was a pleasure for us to work with this interdisciplinary student team and see their fresh ideas and enthusiasm for learning,” said KV Rajan, director of human resources at Coca-Cola Almana.

Mohamed Akeel, managing director of Coca-Cola Almana, commented that “Coca Cola has a strong commitment to education, and we found the CMU-Q students to be professional and hard-working throughout the project.”

The CMU-Q team included Samer Al-Ani, Manar Saleh Al Farsi, Liyan Alhakeem, Abraham Farooqui, Mirna Osama Mahmoudand Divi Mishra.

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