Alanoud Al-Ghamdi, CMU-Q graduate, Class of 2021
Alanoud Al-Ghamdi, CMU-Q graduate, Class of 2021

CMU-Q graduate to continue QF’s lesson of lifelong learning

Originally published in The Peninsula, June 1, 2021

A convocation may mark the end of many years of studying, but for many Qatar Foundation graduates, such as Alanoud Al-Ghamdi—a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q), a Qatar Foundation (QF) partner university—this event marks the beginning of a new academic and professional journey, and a new path towards another dream.

Al-Ghamdi, a business administration graduate with both University Honors and College Honors, was someone who always wished to become part of the educational environment at Qatar Foundation.

“When I was in high school, I wanted to join QF, and this is what motivated me to study hard and obtain the highest grades to be accepted into CMU-Q. And from here, my journey towards excellence began,” she says.

In her time at CMU-Q, Al-Ghamdi participated in many competitions and events held by the university. She, along with her university teammates, won first place at Qatar SportsTech Virtual Hackathon 2020, a competition that addresses the most pressing challenges facing the sports industry in Qatar, to help tourists in FIFA World Cup 2022. She was also able to develop her technical art skills, as she designed a booklet of the first art journal for CMU-Q staff and students in 2018.

“This design is still valued at the university today, and it is a result of the confidence that the university has given me to unleash my art skills, which also enabled me to contribute with my classmates to the establishment of a club that provides lessons in Arabic calligraphy for students and workers at the university, this helped me develop and highlight my talents in the field of Arabic calligraphy and modern art. And share the beauty of Arabic calligraphy with CMU-Q community.” Al-Ghamdi says.

Al-Ghamdi was selected in 2020 to participate in JEDARIART, Qatar Museum’s initiative to infuse Doha with murals and meaningful street art.

“My mural at Qatar National Library in Education City represents the prayer: “And say, My Lord, increase my knowledge” in Kufic calligraphy using geometric art. I chose this prayer because Education City is a place where people from all over the world gather to seek knowledge.” She also created a mural in a compound dedicated to quarantined patients with the aim of spreading the spirit of hope during a global pandemic. She says she wanted to “motivate patients who recover from COVID-19 by instilling hope in them.”

Although Al-Ghamdi does agree that the pandemic posed several challenges for students, but at the same time, she believes it contributed to enhancing their learning experiences in the digital format. “The e-learning experience was a new skill that I picked up, which will undoubtedly be helpful to me in the future.”

As Al-Ghamdi bids farewell to her academic years at CMU-Q, she reminisces her time at the university as some of the most beautiful moments in her life. “I will always remember the exciting events and activities that my friends and I participated in. And ever since I joined QF, I learned the importance of adopting a culture of lifelong learning. This mindset means I will continue my academic and professional journey forever.”

With a change-making attitude, Al-Ghamdi wishes to serve her community — her research at the university addressed the challenges that Qatari entrepreneurs face in the field of human resources.

She could closely examine the needs of the Qatari market, and she hopes to harness her knowledge and experience in this field to be able to find solutions.

As a graduating student of the Class of 2021, Al-Ghamdi sends a message to all QF students.

“As much as you can, take advantage of the opportunities that come to you as a result of studying in these prestigious international universities, because these experiences will leave an indelible mark on your entire future. You will learn to develop so many different skills; use these skills to make a positive impact in your communities.”

Al-Ghamdi attributes all her successes to CMU-Q’s professors and staff for their constant support, and her parents who never stopped motivating her to pursue her academic achievements. “Without them, I could not have achieved anything,” she says.

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