Nour Mohamed presents her senior honors thesis.
Nour Mohamed presents her senior honors thesis.

Graduating students present research projects at College Honors 2022

Nine student researchers from three academic programs presented their final projects at College Honors 2022. The students are all members of Class of 2022 at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q), a Qatar Foundation partner university.

As part of their College Honors requirements, students must conduct research under the guidance of a faculty advisor, complete a senior honors thesis, and present the findings to a panel of faculty members. This year, students from biological sciences, business administration, and computer science are vying for College Honors.

Michael Trick, dean of CMU-Q, congratulated the students: “These presentations are the culmination of tremendous time, hard work, and critical thinking. The students presenting College Honors have shown impressive dedication, focus and tenacity, and all of us at CMU-Q are very proud of their achievements.”

The student researchers also presented their projects at Meeting of the Minds 2022, a research symposium for CMU-Q students.


Class of 2022 Senior honors presentations


AlReem AlKhanji, Investigating the effect of the antioxidants lycopene and ℬ-carotene on human breast cancer cells

Faculty advisor: Nesrine Affara


Amna Al- Sayegh, Efficacy of the phage tail fiber peptide as a bacterial detection tool

Faculty advisor: Annette Vincent


Moza Al- Shukri, Phage lysin as a bacterial detection  tool

Faculty advisor: Annette Vincent


Maryam Aslam, The roles of integrin-ECM protein interactions in cell signaling, adhesion, and migration in select cancer cell

Faculty advisor: Mohamed Bouaouina


Laila Assami, Assessing the role of αVβ6 integrin expression in subpopulation of PC3 cells

Faculty advisor: Mohamed Bouaouina


Ammar Karkour, Py*: Formalization of Python’s verifiable bytecode and virtual machine in F*

Faculty advisor: Giselle Reis


Nour Mohamed, Is the future female? A study on educational attainment and economic development

Faculty advisor: Agustín Indaco


Đorđe Popović, Fed Teams: Trust-based and resource-aware federated learning
Faculty advisors: Khaled Harras and Hend Gedawy


Aya Salameh, Evaluating the role of p38 MAPK signaling pathway as a cross-link between colon tumor cells and fibroblasts

Faculty advisor: Nesrine Affara



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