Fatima Mustafawi would like to pursue a career in education
"My extracurricular involvement was my way of giving back to CMU-Q. I have a lot to be grateful for." Fatima Mustafawi

Fatima Mustafawi’s experience at CMU-Q inspires career in education

As we recognize the Class of 2020, we are looking at just a few of our 86 graduating seniors. Today we highlight Fatima Mustafawi, who was selected as an Andrew Carnegie Society Scholar for the Class of 2020. Fatima will graduate with a degree in information systems.

Although she has been deeply involved with student life at CMU-Q, Fatima Mustafawi feels the highlight of her education was working as a course assistant. Organized by the Academic Resource Center, course assistants provide crucial tutoring and support to younger students as they navigate challenging material.

“I think knowledge should never stop. If I learn something, I feel I genuinely have a duty to pass that on to someone else.”

Community service has been an integral part of Fatima’s time at CMU-Q. During her four years, she has also served as president of the Student Majlis, a peer health advocate, and president of the Association of Information Systems student chapter. In the fall 2019 semester, she was named one of two Andrew Carnegie Society Scholars for the Class of 2020, in recognition of her exceptional academic achievement, service and leadership.

As Fatima reflects on her undergraduate years, she sees that her education has been about more than just academics: “The CMU-Q experience has been really rewarding. It gives us so much—a world class education, plus opportunities to grow and learn soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership.”

“My extracurricular involvement was my way of giving back to CMU-Q. I have a lot to be grateful for.”

Fatima first learned about CMU-Q through the Summer College Preview Program. “I signed up in 10th grade and then loved it so much that I signed up the next year as well. CMU-Q was my dream school. I went on to apply for early decision and got in!”

There was a moment during her first-year orientation that she feels was pivotal: “They pointed out a CMU-Q ‘super Tartan’ who was really good at her academics and participated in literally every single thing. I remember wishing to be like her.”

“My CMU-Q experience has brought me full-circle. CMU-Q allowed me to grow and become that super Tartan, and now I would like to inspire younger students. After graduation, I want to work in a place where I can make the change I’d like to see in the world.”

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