Early Decision students, 2020
The first members of CMU-Q's Class of 2024

Carnegie Mellon Qatar admits largest group of Early Decision students

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q) has admitted the largest number of Early Decision students since the university began the process in 2016. More than half of the 21 selected students are Qatari nationals, with a total of eight different nations represented.

Early Decision is available to students who have participated in a CMU-Q pre-college workshop that introduced them to the university and its programs. Students apply by a special early deadline, and receive their decision well in advance of the regular admission deadline.

The dean of CMU-Q, Michael Trick, welcomed the new students and their parents at a celebration dinner on campus: “We are delighted to meet the first members of the new class of CMU-Q students. This exceptionally talented group can now finish high school knowing they are already part of our community.”

Layal Al-Alami, a 2013 CMU-Q graduate from the Business Administration Program, shared how her education prepared her to solve problems across disciplines: “Today’s world needs solutions for problems that are not confined to only one field of study.” Al-Alami works as a commercial project manager at Siemens.

CMU-Q is accepting applications for the regular admission deadline of February 1. Graduating high school students who are interested in pursuing studies beginning in August 2020 at CMU-Q are encouraged to visit www.qatar.cmu.edu to learn more.

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