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Early Decision Application

You are confident Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar is your top choice and the best fit for you.

What is Early Decision?

Early Decision is a special admission round that takes place two and a half months before the regular deadline of January 15. Eligible students are invited to apply for Early Decision if CMU-Q is their first choice in universities. Successful students are offered acceptance packages before the winter break.

CMU-Q will make one of three decisions on your application:

  1. You are admitted to CMU-Q
  2. You are not admitted to CMU-Q. If you are denied admission during Early Decision, you are not eligible to apply for regular decision in the same application cycle.
  3. We are deferring our decision to the regular admission round.

IMPORTANT: If an applicant is denied admission during the early decision round they are not eligible to apply for regular decision in the same application cycle.

Who is eligible?

  • Students residing in Qatar: This category includes both Qatar nationals and non-Qatari residents of Qatar. Financial aid is available to Qatar residents applying through Early Decision. International students with at least one parent residing in Qatar are eligible.
  • International students with zero financial need: This category includes GCC nationals with scholarship funding and international students who are self-funded. Financial aid is not available for international students who are accepted during the Early Decision round.

Is Early Decision for you?

The Early Decision round of admission is for students whose first choice of university is CMU-Q. Early Decision is a binding decision, which means if you are admitted, you are committed to enroll.

Applying for Early Decision

To apply for Early Decision, submit all application requirements, along with an Early Decision application, through Common App by November 1. In addition, applicants are required to sign the Early Decision Agreement inside the Common App and submit the Early Decision Eligibility Agreement Form from our website.

For more information on Early Decision, please review the Early Decision Summary Sheet.