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Video introducing the inaugural Women in Leadership Conference that was held on September 17-19, 2022.

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The Women in Leadership conference was held September 17-19, 2022 to foster a climate in Qatar where female faculty, staff and students in higher education can flourish and advance as leaders.

We hope you came away from the conference with increased clarity on your strengths and expertise, a plan for how to take the next step in your career, and a strong and supportive network of professionals in higher education.

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Attendees at the inaugural Women in Leadership Conference 2022 indicated that there is a strong need to remain in contact. Use the button below to stay informed of any updates.

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Why is this conference important?

Cultivating awareness of the strengths and challenges that female leaders in higher education face.
Equipping and empowering female faculty, staff, and students with the practical skills to be effective leaders.
Identifying strategies to support female faculty, staff, and student leaders to realize their potential.
Establishing community connections to build a support network of women in higher education in Qatar.This goal directly aligns with the Education City Multiversity Initiative.

2022 Highlights