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Buy low. Sell high. Learn the markets.

Are you interested in financial markets and how they work? Do you have the strategic mind and negotiation skills to invest wisely and build capital? If so Tajer – Investment for Qatar is for you! In this workshop, you will be part of the trading crowd in a sequence of cases specially designed to let you learn how markets work. The cases will move from markets where traders congregate on the trading floor, to electronic markets connected by network.

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Business Administration at Carnegie Mellon

Business administration encompasses management, leadership and teamwork. It involves organizing people, allocating resources, making decisions, and directing activities toward common goals and objectives.

Carnegie Mellon’s undergraduate Business Administration program has earned global recognition for its approach to the study of business management as a science. More than 50 years ago, CMU developed management science, which involves analytical decision making in complex business environments. Today, nearly all leading business schools include some form of the Carnegie Mellon model in their curricula.

Careers in Business Administration

  • Financial reporting analyst
  • Program management analyst
  • Venture capital associate
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Strategic business development consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Account executive
  • Trade analyst

Graduates in business administration work for organizations like Uber, Facebook, ConocoPhillips, General Electric, HSBC, Qatar Investment Authority, KPMG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.