Cristian Dimitriu

Cristian Dimitriu

Visiting Associate Professor, Philosophy, Arts and Sciences

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Cristian Dimitriu is a visiting associate professor of philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, where he teaches courses in social and political philosophy; business, society and ethics; and ethics. His research areas include political philosophy, ethics, philosophy of law and global justice. His research has been funded by the The National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina, where he is currently a researcher, and the German Research Foundation (GRF), He has appeared in journals such as Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, JurisprudenceEthics and Global Politics, Ethical PerspectivesDianoia, AretéRevista Latinoamericana de FilosofíaIsonomía, Ideas y Valores, Daimon and others. He is currently writing a book on the ethics of promise-breaking in the world of finance.


PhD, Philosophy, University of Toronto

Dissertation: Odious Debts and Global Justice

Supervisor: Prof. Arthur Ripstein. Commitee: Prof. Gopal Sreenivasan and Prof. Joseph Carens

External reviewers: Prof. Jon Mandle and Prof. Sergio Tenenbaum


University of Pittsburgh, Andrew Mellon Graduate Fellow, Department of Political Science, 2004-2005

University of Buenos Aires

BA (Licenciatura) in Philosophy (with honors), 2004

Area of Specialization: Political Philosophy

Undergraduate Dissertation title: Rawls and an International Difference Principle

Committee: Prof. Andrés Rosler, Prof. Florencia Luna, Prof. Graciela Vidiella



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