Benjamin James Reilly

Benjamin James Reilly

Teaching Professor, History

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Benjamin Reilly joined Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar in 2004. His published work encompasses an unusual variety of topics, including rail-building in Southern Florida, political discourse in revolutionary France and malarial fevers in Rome. He has also delved into the environmental history of the Arabian Peninsula, with a focus on human-landscape interactions and the complex interplay of social systems, human genetics, and disease.


Ph.D., Early Modern European history, University of Pittsburgh

Ph.D. Certificate, Cultural Studies, University of Pittsburgh

M.A., European History, University of Pittsburgh

B.A., History, New College of the University of South Florida

Area Of Expertise

World History

Environmental History

Natural Disasters

Arabian Peninsula




Slavery, Agriculture, and Malaria in the Arabian Peninsula. Ohio University Press, November 2015.

Man and Disaster: Case Studies in Nature, Society, and Catastrophe. McFarland Press, April 2009.

Tropical Surge: Ambition and Disaster on the Edge of America, 1831-1935. Sarasota, Florida: Pineapple Press, 2005.


Articles and Book Chapters

“Seasons in Italy: Northern European Travelers, Rome, and Malaria.” Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, DOI: 10.1080/14766825.2019.1693582

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“‘Manichean Americans’: Examining a Theory of American Particularism in the Age of the French Revolution.” Proceedings of the Consortium of Revolutionary Europe (2001), pp. 229-237.


University Service

  • Co-Chair of the Qatar Faculty Forum lecture series, 2008-Present
  • History Minor Faculty Advisor, Fall 2011-Present
  • Faculty Advisor, 5-Minute Info Club, 2014-present
  • Faculty Advisor, Student Gaming Club, Fall 2010-Present
  • Invited Member of EC Teaching and Learning Committee, Fall 2014-Present
  • Academic Review Board member, 2006-Present
  • Member of CMU-Q Anti-Cheating Task Force, Spring 2015
  • Member of CMU-Q Summer Symposium Committee, Fall 2012
  • Member of CMU-Q Intercampus Communication Committee, Fall 2012
  • Member of CMU-Q Occasional Paper Series Committee, 2009-2010
  • Member of CMU-Q First Year Experience Committee, 2007-2008
  • Member of CMU-Q Assessment Committee, 2006-2009
  • Convener of Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty Group at CMU-Q, 2005-2009
  • Member of CMU-Q Housing Committee, 2004


  • Advisory work for the AP European History test, Fall 2013
  • Advisory work for the AP World History test, Spring 2012
  • Advisor for Urbacon Trading and Contracting Group, Mall of Qatar Project, Spring 2012

Consultant for Habib University (Kurachi, Pakistan), 2009-Present. In this capacity, I drafted their 8-course General Education core sequence, advised on their Academic, Student Affairs, and Facilities Committees, served as a member of the Initial Faculty Hiring Committee, and have acted as point person in Education

Professional Activities

Editorial Board Member, Journal of World History, 2019-present

Courses Taught

  • The Institutions of the Roman Church
  • Simulating Conflict Resolution
  • Comparative Slavery
  • Arabian Peninsula Environmental History
  • World History/Global Histories
  • 18th Century European History
  • US-Arab Encounters
  • Europe and the Islamic World
  • Disastrous Encounters (natural disasters in human history)
  • Inward Odyssey (travelogues as historical sources)
  • US Social History
  • Privilege, Responsibility, and Community (guest lectures)
  • Western Civ I (3000 BC-1600 AD)
  • Western Civ II (1600-present)
  • United States I (1492-1865)
  • SAT, GMAT, GRE & LSAT Test Prep