Agustín Indaco

Agustín Indaco

Assistant Teaching Professor, Economics

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Ph.D., Economics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

M.A., Economics, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

B.S., Economics, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Research Keywords

Big data
Applied microeconomics
Climate change
Sports economics


Journal articles

Indaco, A., Ortega, F. and Taspınar, S. (2019) "The Effects of Flood Insurance on Housing Markets." Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research. Volume 21, Number 2, 129-156.


Manovich, L. and Indaco, A (2017) "The Image of a Data City: Studying the Hyperlocalwith Social Media." Architectural Design. Volume 87, Issue 1, 110–117.


Indaco, A, and Manovich, L. (2016) "Social Media Inequality: Definition, Measurements, and Application." Urban Studies and Practices. Volume 1, Issue 1, 11-22.


Book chapters


Indaco, A. (2018) How to Measure the Economy Using Big Data. In Cuonz, D., Loren, S., and Metelmann, J (Ed.), Screening Economies (19-30). Bielefeld: Transcript-Verlag.

Working Papers

Indaco, A., Ortega, F. and Taspınar, S. (2019) "Hurricanes, Flood Risk and the Economic Adaptation of Businesses." Under review.

Indaco, A. (2019) "From Twitter to GDP: Estimating Economic Activity From Social Media."

Courses Taught

Intermediate macroeconomics

Modern data management

Academic Projects

On Broadway: interactive map

Inequaligram: measuring social media inequality