Teams to present Twitter sentiment Analysis Research in Ireland

April 21, 2014

Two CMU-Q teams have placed 3rd and 4th in SemEval 2014, an international competition on computational semantic evaluation that draws entries from researchers across the globe.

Tackling on one of 10 challenges available, the teams worked to develop Twitter Sentiment Classification systems that automatically assign sentiments (positive, negative or neutral) to tweets.

While people “tweet” to share information about what’s going on around them, researchers have only recently begun investigating how to automatically mine and understand the opinions and sentiments using machine-learning tools. Achieving this is complex, since Twitter language tends to be very informal, with new words, abbreviations and genre-specific terminology.

The students will present their systems in August at the SemEval workshop in Dublin, Ireland, which will take place during the 2014 International Conference on Computational Linguistics.

Team members of CMUQ_Hybrid (3rd place) are: Kamla Al-Manai (a graduate of Texas A&M at Qatar), Hanan Mohamed (CS’13), and computer science juniors Sabih Bin Wasi and Rukhsar Neyaz Khan. Team members of CMU@Qatar (4th place) are: Sabih Bin Wasi and Rukhsar Neyaz Khan. The teams were advised by Behrang Mohit, assistant professor of computer science.

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