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Carnegie Mellon Qatar students join clubs, attend events, learn new skills and make new friends.

Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs

AIS Student Chapter

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems. AIS is the premier professional association for individuals and organizations who lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide.


Biological Sciences Club

To create a common platform for Biological Sciences students and to involve students from other disciplines through interactive and fun events.

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Carnegie Apps

Carnegie Apps aims to connect with the tech scene in the Middle East.  The biggest event is Hackathon, which is Qatar’s largest student-led hackathon.

Facebook page

Twitter: @CarnegieApps

Carnegie Mellon Business Association

CMBA will help cultivate the strongest business students in the region, immerse business minds in a business culture and establish long-term relationships with the business community.


Twitter: @cmba_cmuq

Carnegie Mellon Finance Association

Our mission is to prepare Carnegie Mellon students interested in finance with the tools and education to begin successful careers.

Twitter: @CMUQ_Finance

Computing Club

This club shall promote and support the use of modern development tools and to create a friendly environment for all students to practice and improve their development skills.


Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (WiSTEM)

To empower and support women in their personal, professional and academic life.

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Cultural Clubs

American Culture Club

The mission of this club shall be to promote the understanding and appreciation of American culture on the CMU-Q campus.

Korean Culture Club

We aim to introduce and integrate Korean culture into the culturally-diverse CMU-Q community and bring the people interested in Korean culture together.

Muslim Student Association

To nurture the Islamic character and values of its members, to empower members to become active and positive Islamic role models and to provide Islamic activities and forums.

Qatari Student Association

We highlight the Qatari culture through events that carry a traditional and cultural perspective.

Twitter: @qsacmu


Service Clubs

Global Shelters

Raise awareness about refugees around the world and engage students in improving the well-being of people in crisis.


Helping Hands

To give members the opportunity to reach out and do something worthwhile, achieve a sense of fulfillment and a see first-hand how little things may mean a lot to others.

Language Bridges

To serve the community by teaching English and computer skills to low-income service workers in Qatar.


Twitter: @languagebridges

Professional Enrichment Society

PrES is responsible for removing barriers to entry and advancement by equipping students with tools and strategies necessary to thrive in the workforce.

The Big Movement

To spread awareness among the Education City community of the importance of compassion, kindness and community service.


Twitter: @_TheBigMovement

The Recycling Tree Huggers

Promotes green practices.

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Special Interest

All Around

All Around not only seeks to provide comprehensive coverage of issues and topics relevant to the students of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, but it also reinforces the importance of design and photography within the community.


Andrew Knight Club

AKC’s main mission is to promote chess on campus, to educate the CMUQ community about the various rules of chess, and to organize chess competitions on campus.


AndrewMUN Club

Model United Nations is a United Nations simulation where students play the role of delegates representing the views of their assigned countries. AndrewMUN aims to increase awareness about international affairs and enhance the skills of negotiation and diplomacy.


Arts and Crafts

Giving space for students to create their own masterpieces, as well as teaching the club members new techniques and DIY tricks.

Debating Society

The Carnegie Mellon Debating Society is a platform for free speech, helping develop public speaking and effective argumentation through British Parliamentary-style debate.



To introduce and promote the e-sports culture on campus, get more people involved in e-sports, and promote a healthy and welcoming environment for gaming enthusiasts.

Filmmakers Club

The Filmmakers Club aims to promote the production and appreciation of quality films on campus and in the community as a whole. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide its members with the resources and education needed to create quality films, and to increase in the community an appreciation of the art of filmmaking.

Gaming Club

We hope to provide CMU-Q’s community with a fun and competitive environment. The effort students are expected to put in can be overwhelming, so it is important that students have an outlet for their fun side as well.


Music Club

The club encourages the appreciation of music through events, concerts and other relevant activities.


The Planetary Society

Empower the members and community at large to learn more about astronomy, space science and exploration.

Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs

Basketball Club

Encourage and develop CMU-Q students to become better basketball players, live a healthy lifestyle and form closer bonds with the university community.


Cricket Club

The club seeks to raise the best cricketing team in Education City by developing cricket culture and infrastructure in the university.


Fitness Club

The club aims to promote healthy lifestyle through raising awareness for physical activities, healthy diet and enhancing mental health.


Football Club

To provide quality physical training and education to the CMU-Q athletic community.


Equestrian Club

Equestrian Club aims to develop horse riding and horsemanship skills of experienced riders at CMU-Q. The equestrian club will also arrange leisure-riding trips throughout the year.

Volleyball Club

Volleyball club aims to bring Carnegie Mellon Qatar’s community together by engaging them in fun, competitive physical activity.

Women's Football Club

To empower women and make sure that every female student that wants to play football has the opportunity to do so.

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