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Carnegie Mellon Qatar students join clubs, attend events, learn new skills and make new friends.

Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs

AIS Student Chapter

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems. AIS is the premier professional association for individuals and organizations who lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide.


Biological Sciences Club

The mission of the Biological Sciences club is to create a more comfortable and friendly community through interactive and meaningful events that bring people of different majors and backgrounds together, and introduce biological concepts through interactive and fun events.

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CMBA - Carnegie Mellon Business Association

CMBA is a club dedicated to enriching the experience of Qatar Business Administration students and the CMU-Q community. CMBA hosts multiple educational and fun events throughout the year.


Twitter: @cmba_cmuq

CMFA - Carnegie Mellon Finance Association

Interested in investing in the stock market? Interested in pursuing a career in finance? We are here to help! CMFA organizes fun and informative events throughout the year that help students connect with the world of finance. Our club is open to students from all majors.

Twitter: @CMUQ_Finance

Computing Club

This club’s goals are to give students a platform to develop their computing skills, create a more friendly and social community, and provide networking opportunities and industry-valued insights


Leaders in IS

We want to create opportunities for students to know more about career opportunities in information systems and for job/projects/internship opportunities. Inspire future leaders through exposure to various industries and provide opportunities to develop skills such as networking, leadership, interviewing and organization.

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Cultural Clubs

ASA – African Student Association

Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the diversity and rich culture that exists throughout the African continent. We also aim to create a community that learns and is aware of socio-economic and political matters concerning the African continent with the hope of dispelling existing stereotypes and biases.

Desi Culture Club

Our club aims to spread awareness about the South Asian culture and traditions and to provide a comfortable space for any student who looks forward to having fun with a little bit of dancing, singing, games, food or simply meeting other people!

French Club

The main mission of the French club is to promote the French language and culture among the CMUnity, especially since 2020 is the Year of Culture between Qatar and France. We also aim to attract members to learn French and enroll in the French classes offered at CMU-Q.

Korean Culture Club

We aim to introduce and integrate Korean culture into the culturally-diverse CMU-Q community and bring the people interested in Korean culture together.

MSA – Muslim Student Association

Engage the CMU-Q community in Islamic practices, as well as raise awareness about it. Educate the CMU-Q community about Islamic beliefs, principles, and ideology.

Qatari Student Association

QSA is a club that represents the Qatari culture and traditions, and our main goal is to represent it in the best possible way and spread it to the CMUnity.

Twitter: @qsacmu


Service Clubs

The Big Movement

To spread awareness among the Education City community of the importance of compassion, kindness and community service.


Twitter: @_TheBigMovement

DEAP - Sustainable Actions Club

Our main goals are to raise awareness for environmental pollution, to provide CMU students with an avenue to do their part in caring for the community around them, and to encourage students to adopt sustainable practices on a day-to-day basis. These goals will be achieved by directly collaborating with DEAP Qatar to gather CMU student volunteers and organize beach cleanup trips.

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Special Interest

All Around

All-Around seeks to provide comprehensive coverage of issues and topics relevant to the students of CMU-Q. The newsletter will propel students to strengthen the expression of their opinion, improve their writing, design, photography skills, and its most rewarding task will be to ignite a LOVE for reading.


Anime Club

Our mission is to create a community for people to freely express themselves and to spread the greatness of anime to all members of CMU-Q

AndrewMUN Club

Andrew MUN aims to promote a better understanding of current world affairs and political systems. The club fosters an environment for constructive debate. It also aims to bring together high school and university students from around the country to help broaden their perspectives and improve their understanding of problems faced around the world.


Arts Club

The Art Club promotes activities and events to increase the CMU-Q community’s interest in fine arts, and to expand artistic horizons through painting sessions, lectures/demonstrations, and art competitions

Carnegie Apps

CarnegieApps aims to educate students in the world of programming and app development, as well as apply their knowledge from class in real-life projects during the annual CarnegieApps Hackathon.

Carnigraphy Club

The club’s purpose is to teach beginner students the basics of Arabic calligraphy and how to enhance the meaning of a written word by infusing beauty, texture, and dignity along with the words on paper.

Carnegie Mellon Qatar Debating Society

The mission of this society is to create a productive environment in which to develop the skills required for debating as well as organizing and preparing for participation in tournaments.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Through the classic board game Dungeons and Dragons, we help you create memorable, meaningful and fun experiences while engaging in role-playing culture by embracing creativity and storytelling.

Gourmex – Gourmet Exploration Club

The club aims to bring different people together through the universal love and appreciation of food. To introduce a diverse array of cuisines and techniques to the student body, including opportunities to explore the different options of food in Qatar and workshops relating to the spirit of gourmet and togetherness.

Lyrical Tartan

To foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of lyricism within the CMUunity and break down cultural and linguistic barriers in lyricism by exploring it in poetry, music and spoken word in different languages.



TEDx Club hopes to lead discussion in our community about the issues and affairs that affect us. We also hope to inspire our club members through our featured talks to take action which creates a ripple effect of positive change, leading to the development of our community.


Thought Club

Our club mission is to promote healthy conversations and expressions of opinions through book clubs and thoughtful discussions about various relevant topics.

Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs

Basketball Club

Our mission is to promote and provide basketball to all Tartans at all abilities and to engage the community with an exciting sporting experience.


Cricket Club

We want to make the cricket team of CMU-Q the best in Education City. Also, we want more people to be involved with this sport and that is why our training sessions are open for everyone, whether you know how to play cricket or not.


Fitness Club

The mission of the Fitness Club is to promote fitness in the CMU-Q community.


Football Club

To represent CMU-Q competitively in and out of Education City. To establish a team spirit and generate Tartan pride in the community and spread joy across campus through football.


Volleyball Club

Volleyball club aims to bring Carnegie Mellon Qatar’s community together by engaging them in fun, competitive physical activity.

Women's Football Club

To represent CMU-Q competitively in and out of Education City. To establish a team spirit and generate Tartan pride in the community and spread joy across campus through football.

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