Network. Take the lead. Blaze a trail.

Carnegie Mellon graduates have the communication skills, organizational savvy and leadership training to succeed throughout life. Through leadership programs and experiences, CMU-Q students develop the skills that put classroom knowledge to work.


Leadership programs

CMU-Q students learn crucial leadership skills they will use throughout their lives through targeted programs and experiences.

GPS Leadership Program for First-Year Students

Freshmen can participate in a weekly leadership workshop called GPS. Students in GPS participate in discussions and activities that help them develop crucial skills to organize, lead and get the most out of university life.

Students who participate in GPS are also eligible to attend the GPS Oman program.

Women’s Leadership Program

In a lunch time seminar, students explore gender, culture, leadership and the changing role of women in the workplace. Sessions encourage critical thinking and provide opportunities for students to cultivate networks with other women in the campus community.


Start a club, lead a club

Practice and perfect your leadership skills by organizing a student club or organization.

Start a club

Over the years, students have created a wide range of clubs that promote culture, student majors, personal interests and recreation. Starting your own club is an opportunity to create something new, share your passions and learn to turn an idea into a reality.

Lead a club

Leading a student club requires the same skills you will need to succeed in the workplace: organization, leadership and networking. Clubs and organization are not only a great way to make friends and get involved, they provide an opportunity to hone your skills in teamwork, leadership, creativity and planning.

Student Majlis

The Student Majlis helps to guide activities and represent the students in the wider university community, including three active committees comprised of student leaders:

  • The Student Organization Committee (SOC) consists of the presidents of the student clubs and organizations and is supervised by the Head of Clubs and Organizations.
  • The Student Academic Committee (SAC) provides students and administration with feedback based on each major. SAC is supervised by the Head of Academics who, along with the Associate Dean of Education, nominates students for this committee.
  • The Student Representative Committee (SRC) is made up of two representatives from each class and is supervised by the Head of Communications. Each representative is responsible for working within their class to learn about student concerns and assist with class bonding and identity.