Dudley Reynolds leads WISE roundtable on language policy in education

WISE Happening discussion brings together academics, educators, and policy makers

CMU-Q’s Dudley Reynolds led a roundtable discussion on the topic of language learning and multilingualism. The discussion was part of the WISE Happening series, a monthly forum hosted by the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE).

“One function of language is that it connects people to history, heritage and identity. We are a world of nations, and language also serves to create national cohesion. Finally,  there is also a need for wider communication and opportunities,” said Reynolds. “With this in mind, we can think of language policy as the vehicle by which we meet these needs and shape our societies.”

Dudley Reynolds leads WISE Happening roundtable

Dudley Reynolds leads WISE Happening roundtable

Reynolds is authoring Language Policy in Globalized Contexts, a report for the 2019 WISE summit in Doha. The report will challenge education systems to examine how they support their communities’ language resources. Building from research on multilingualism as both a societal and individual phenomenon, the report offers multiple examples of educational approaches and a frank discussion of issues that must be addressed in order to build cohesive communities that value individual identities and opportunity for all.

Reynolds offers, “I hope the report will help policy makers and educators alike realize that languages should not be in competition either in the classroom or society. We can have collaborative models that truly build the resources of the community.”

Reynolds is a teaching professor of English at CMU-Q and the former president of TESOL International Association, the world’s largest professional association for teachers who support multilingualism through English language learning.


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