Haris Aghadi and Abdulla AlKhenji

Meddy places tenth in Forbes Middle East’s ‘50 startups to watch’ list

Meddy, a startup created by CMU-Q alumni Haris Aghadi and Abdulla AlKhenji, was tenth in Forbes Middle East’s “50 Startups to Watch in the Arab World” list. Forbes Middle East, which tracks entrepreneurial success throughout the Arab region, created the “50 Start-ups to Watch” list to highlight new ventures that have not yet received big-ticket funding, but are looking promising for the future.

AlKhenji and Aghadi, who both graduated from the Information Systems Program at CMU-Q, initially conceived of Meddy for a class project in 2014. Since graduation, Meddy has become the largest online physician network in Qatar, serving more than 2,000 doctors and 250 private clinics in Qatar and receiving between 60,000 and 80,000 site visits per month. Meddy is available in both English and Arabic, and has recently branched out into Bahrain and Dubai.