Debate win in Abu Dhabi

CMU Debating Society wins back-to-back regional tournaments

The Carnegie Mellon Debating Society has capped off a stellar year of argumentation with back-to-back wins at regional tournaments in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. On April 8, CMU-Q students Moussa Zekak and Fizza Aamir took the top spot at the New York University Abu Dhabi Regional Debate Open; they also tied for the best speaker award. There were 32 teams from around the region competing at the tournament.

Last weekend at the Qatar University Open 2017, Moussa Zekak competed again, this time with Yousuf Akhlaq. The team prevailed after an intense final debate that included experienced debater Narcis Jafarian, president of the Carnegie Mellon Qatar Debating Society in 2013. The tournament consisted of 24 teams, with a panel of 8 international judges.

The Carnegie Mellon Debating Society is part of the Qatar Debating League, with CMU-Q debaters face off against teams from other Qatar universities four times throughout the year. For 2016-17, CMU-Q placed second in the league, with Moussa Zekak winning best speaker, Fizza Aamir placing in the top 10, and Hari Krishna, Reema Subeh and Emad Iqbal placing in the top 10 novice speakers.