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Micro courses

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar has recently implemented a new educational initiative known as micro-courses, where main campus faculty develop and deliver micro-courses in various disciplines to CMU-Q and Education City students.

A micro-course is a 3-unit course offered over 5-6 weeks that is taught in a hybrid fashion; about half the class is in-person and the other half is taught via video conference. These courses and their descriptions can be found on the Carnegie Mellon University Schedule of Classes by selecting the semester under Course Search, with the teaching location Doha, Qatar. The dates and times for these courses can be found in the “NOTES” section of the course under the course description. Despite their abbreviated nature, each micro-course offers a meaningful academic learning experience for the enrolled students, and it allows the Qatar campus to foster connections between the Qatar campus and Pittsburgh while also expanding the breadth of course offerings typically found in Doha.

The Spring 2020 micro-courses are:
02318 Introduction to Computational Medicine
03120 Pleasure Addiction, Attention and Obsession
09114 Basics of Food Science
11346 Text Mining in Practice
19304 Basics of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and Applications
67204 Blockchains in the Industry
70352 Acting for Business
70489 Product and Service Innovation
76253 Information Graphics
99231 Introduction to Environmental Ideas

CMU-Q will begin accepting Spring 2020 cross registration applications from November 18, 2019 until January 2, 2020. You will be notified via email when your registration has been completed.

Questions about micro courses

Contact: Sheila Rian, Enrollment Services Manager
Email: srian@qatar.cmu.edu
Office: 4454 8565

Micro course faculty, 2019-20