Research is at the core of Carnegie Mellon and touches nearly every corner of the university. Faculty members at the Qatar campus are actively engaged in projects that have local, regional and international significance.

Most faculty members contribute to the CMU-Q body of work through studies funded by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and internal seed research grants.

Research seminar series

Bacteriophages in wastewater: isolation and use

Bacteriophages in wastewater: isolation and use

Water security and sustainability in Qatar is a critical issue, since the only source of drinking water is the desalinated seawater from the Arabian Gulf. Water quality and safety is a key component of water security. This project aims to isolate and use bacteriophages as biomonitoring tools in wastewater treatment plants to validate the efficacy of the treatment process.

Annette Vincent is the program director of biological sciences and the lead principal investigator for this project. The principal investigators include CMU-Q’s Valentin Ilyin and Basem Shomar from HBKU’s Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute.

Role of the PDZ and LIM containing protein Zasp in integrin-mediated cell adhesion

Role of the PDZ and LIM containing protein Zasp in integrin-mediated cell adhesion

In multicellular organisms, cells attach to each other and the matrix around them using specific adhesion proteins called integrins to form functional tissues and organs. Cells can regulate their adhesion to move, migrate and invade. This study focuses on how cells regulate integrin function, which could help better understanding how normal cells function and how disease onset takes place.

Mohamed Bouaouina is an assistant teaching professor of biological science at CMU-Q and lead principal investigator on the project.

SLATE-Q: Making writing expectations explicit through interdisciplinary collaborations

SLATE-Q: Making writing expectations explicit through interdisciplinary collaborations

University students are expected to write analytically and argumentatively, but many lack the awareness or language control, and assignments often do not make expectations explicit. A collaboration between applied linguists and information systems faculty members, this study has developed pedagogical interventions to support learners as they write effective, analytical texts.

The SLATE-Q team is led by Silvia Pessoa and includes CMU-Q principal investigators Selma Limam Mansar, Pia Gomez Laich, Divakaran Liginlal, Thomas Mitchell, and Susan Hagan. The team also includes Ahmar Mahboob, University of Sydney, and Ryan Miller, Kent State University.

A comparison of the impact of the Basel Standards upon Islamic and conventional bank risks in the Gulf State Region

A comparison of the impact of the Basel Standards upon Islamic and conventional bank risks in the Gulf State Region

Subsequent to the 2008 global crisis, Basel III has proposed some major changes to banking regulations. This project is a comparative study of the Islamic and conventional banking sector risks using market data generated from a sample of publicly listed Islamic and conventional banks in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

John O’Brien and Fuad Farooqi are part of the business administration faculty at CMU-Q, teaching courses in finance and accounting. In addition to Islamic finance, their research interests lie in the areas of fintech and the blockchain.

Modeling collagenous soft tissue

Modeling collagenous soft tissue

Mathematical models that describe how soft biological tissue responds to mechanical stress are an essential part of basic biomechanics. This project creates continuum level mathematical formulations that describe the relation between swelling, deformation, stress, and key metabolic factors.

Heiko Topol is a postdoctoral research associate with a background in mechanical engineering. The co-lead principal investigators for
this project are CMU-Q’s Hasan Demirkoparan and Thomas Pence from Michigan State University.

Formalization of automated trading systems in a concurrent linear framework

Formalization of automated trading systems in a concurrent linear framework

By formally representing the core of a financial exchange as a set of logical formulas, it is possible to both run the exchange and prove properties about it. This project uses a concurrent and linear framework to model a financial order matching system where buy and sell orders are matched according to the price-time priority.

Dragiša Žunić was a postdoctoral research associate who worked with co-lead principal investigators CMU-Q’s Giselle Reis and CMU’s Iliano Cervesato on this project.

Ongoing Externally Funded Research Projects

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Arts and Sciences

New mathematical models for the large strain swelling response of biological tissues: Applications to edema, inflammation, and pregnancy
Co-Lead PI: Hasan Demirkoparan
Lead PI: Thomas Pence, Michigan State University, UA

Qatar linguistic map
Lead PI: Zeinab Ibrahim
PI: Houda Bouamor
Subaward partners:
PI: Mohamed Mahgoub, Doha International Family Institute
PI: Aisha Al-Sultan, Doha International Family Institute
PI: Hany Abdelghelel Abdelrahem, Georgetown University in Qatar
PI: Mohamed Al-Marri, Qatar University

SLATE-Q: Scaffolding literacy in academic and tertiary environ- ments: The case of communication in information systems Lead PI: Silvia Pessoa
PI: Pia Gomez Laich
PI: Selma Limam Mansar PI: Thomas Mitchell
PI: Susan Hagan
PI: Divakaran Liginlal
Subaward partners:
PI: Ryan Miller, Kent State University
PI: Ahmar Mahboob, University of Sydney

Biological Sciences

Role of the PDZ and LIM containing protein Zasp in integrin- mediated cell adhesion.
Lead PI: Mohamed Bouaouina

Using bacteriophages as biomonitoring tools for water quality measurements
Lead PI: Annette Vincent
PI: Valentin Ilyin
Subaward partner:
PI: Basem Shomar, Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), HBKU

Molecular profiling of breast cancer transcriptome and splicing aberrations
Lead PI: Ihab Younis

Computational Biology

Personalised Drug Selection for Cancer Treatment in Qatar
PI: Valentin Ilyin
Subcontract with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC):
LPI: Peter Coveney, University College London
Co-LPI: Mohamad Ussama Al Homsi, HMC

Computer Science

Teams of aquatic/aerial robots for marine environmental monitoring (TARMEM)
Lead PI: Gianni Di Caro
Subaward partners:
PI: Enrico Simetti, University of Genova
PI: Filippo Arrichiello, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio

Scalable analytics engine for big graphs on the cloud Lead PI: Mohammad Hammoud
Subaward partners:
PI: Tamar Elsayed, Qatar University
PI: Rami Melhem, University of Pittsburgh

Towards mobile opportunistic cloud computing: Enabling generic computation offloading to extreme heterogeneous entities
Lead PI: Khaled Harras
QHCN: Towards reliable and efficient mHealth system with multimodal processing and communications for effective remote patient diagnosis
PI: Khaled Harras
Subcontract with Qatar University (QU):
Lead PI: Amr Mohamed, QU
Bringing computer science to secondary schools – Curriculum design and implementation
Lead PI: Saquib Razak
MADAR: Multi-Arabic dialect applications and resources
Co-Lead PI: Kemal Oflazer
PI: Houda Bouamor
Subaward partners:
Lead PI: Nizar Habash, New York University Abu Dhabi
PI: Owen Rambow: Columbia University in the City of New York
Testing English reading comprehension through deep text analysis and question generation
Lead PI: Kemal Oflazer
PI: Teruko Mitamura, Carnegie Mellon University
Automated verification of properties of concurrent, distributed and parallel specifications with applications to computer security
Co-Lead PI: Giselle Reis
Lead PI: Iliano Cervesato, Carnegie Mellon University Subaward partner:
PI: Carsten Schürmann, University of Copenhagen

Information Systems

Arab author profiling for cyber-security
Lead PI: Anis Charfi
Subaward partners:
PI: Wajdi Zaghouani, Hamad Bin Khalifa University
PI: Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou, Centre de Recherche en Numérique de Sfax, Tunisia
PI: Paolo Ross, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

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