• Spring Institute

Program a robot. Meet the professors. Learn about your career in computer science.

By invitation only, Qatari secondary students can explore the field, learn basic computational skills, and see how the field of computer science is becoming an important career for the future of Qatar.

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What is Winter Institute?

Winter Institute is a week-long program that gives an introduction to the fascinating world of computer science.

  • Learn how to program a robot
  • Meet Carnegie Mellon’s top notch computer science faculty
  • Strengthen your admission application
  • Meet students who are in the computer science program
  • Receive accelerated Kaplan ACT preparation
  • Receive a certificate of achievement as a Winter Institute Scholar at Carnegie Mellon

How to Apply

This event is by invitation only.

If you have any questions, please call +974 4454-8546 or +974 4454-8500 or send us an email at outreach@qatar.cmu.edu.

Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon

Winter Institute is led by faculty members from CMU-Q’s Computer Science program, with CS students assisting and answering your questions. CMU-Q’s Computer Science program is based on the curriculum of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, USA, one of the best programs in the world. Our award-winning faculty, researchers and students are internationally known for developing new methods and technologies that shape the world.


Questions about the Winter Institute?

Damian Dourado | Director, Pre-College Programs

tel: +974 4454-8546 or +974 4454-8500