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The Competition

In this competition, middle and secondary school students will create Alice animations in one of the following categories related to Raising Awareness:

  • Climate change
  • Health
  • Cybersecurity
  • Traffic safety
  • Culture and globalization

During the competition, the selected teams will present their projects to the judges at CMU-Q and the best five projects will be awarded prizes.

Date: February 17, 2020

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Submit your animation by February 4, 2020! 

Rules and Regulations

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Teams and Submission

Teams and Submission

    • Any student studying in a middle or high school in the State of Qatar is eligible to participate.
    • Each team can consist of a maximum of four students.
    • No student can be a member of more than one team.
    • At least one teacher/staff member is required to oversee the teams from each school
    • Submissions will be evaluated as specified in Evaluation Criteria

Format of the Competition

The competition will be conducted in two phases. During the first phase, students will submit their animations by February 2, 2020 using the link. The Alice team at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar will evaluate the submissions and select top animations from these submissions. The selected teams will be invited to compete in the second phase of the competition that will be held at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar in Education City.

Following are details about the competition:

  • Each team will be given five minutes to present their project (three minutes for presentation and two minutes for questions).
  • Judges will evaluate the animations and presentations as specified in Evaluation Criteria and the top five teams will be selected as winners.
  • The jury will represent a wide range of leading technology and business fields in Qatar

Evaluation Criteria

  • Animations should focus on one or more of the following areas:
    • Climate change
    • Health
    • Cybersecurity
    • Traffic safety
    • Culture and globalization
  • Idea is creative and embodied in an interesting way.
  • Storyline delivers a clear and a purposeful
  • Complexity of the scenario.
  • Interactivity and events (use of events is not compulsory in the animations).
  • Modularity: the Alice code is broken down in appropriate methods.
  • Look and feel: quality of animations, smoothness of motion, e.g. a bird flies while moving its wings as it soars.
  • Use of sounds, camera and motion controls.
  • Film is robust, and doesn’t stop or pause for any reason.
  • Film is within specified duration limit.
  • Presentation is logical and interesting.
  • Team members produce clear, precise, and convincing explanations/answers about the animation video and the program.


  • All participants will receive certificates of participation.
  • Special prizes will be awarded to top five animations.


Questions about Alice Programming Competition?

contact Huda Gedawy: hgedawy@andrew.cmu.edu

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