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Prior to the pandemic, Andrew MUN was a conference hosted by Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar to bring together local students to discuss and raise awareness about various global issues. A student-run initiative, Andrew MUN has attracted delegates from various universities and high schools in Qatar. As we return to a new normal, Andrew MUN plans to explore more avenues to drive intellectual discourse within the student community in Qatar and across the globe.   

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Approximately a year ago, the COVID 19 pandemic forced students and educators from across various institutions all around the world to isolate in their homes and rapidly adapt to online learning. Using an online mode of learning has and will continue to permanently change the way education is delivered.

While schools have done their best to cater towards all students, those with unequal access to technology have been left behind in this virtual educational environment and struggle more than they ever have. With the struggles of economically disadvantaged students elevated, the question becomes how much inequality has the education system perpetrated in the past that has only been intensified now.

Join a variety of speakers invited by the AMUN executive team as we discuss how education has displayed inequality before the COVID pandemic and how this will change after the impact of the pandemic. 

Executive Team

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Fatima El-Sallabi

Fatima El-Sallabi


Arambha Niraula

Arambha Niraula

Vice President 



  • AMUN Email: q-amun@qatar.cmu.edu
  • President: felsalla@andrew.cmu.edu
  • Vice President: aniraula@andrew.cmu.edu

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