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Build your resume, give back to CMU-Q

We are always looking for alumni to mentor and guide our students in many different areas. You understand the challenges students face in university, and you can offer guidance, insight and support about the many paths they can take after graduation.

Giving back is a way to stay connected to the university and to share your experience with others. This is also an excellent way to diversify your resume through leadership and community service.

Here are some of the ways alumni give back to CMU-Q:

  • mentor participants of Hackathon during the annual 24-hour challenge
  • speak at Tartan Talks, a lunchtime panel discussion about careers
  • judge a student competition
  • speak at an event for prospective students
  • offer specific insight in the classroom
  • organize and lead the Qatar Alumni Chapter

If you are interested in getting involved, complete the Volunteer Interest Form so we can understand how you can help. There are countless ways you can give back, and we are always happy to hear your ideas.

Connect with your fellow alumni, mentor current students, or suggest other ways you can give back to the CMU-Q community.
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Alumni Officers 2018

The Qatar Alumni Chapter

CMU-Q alumni elect officers for the Qatar Alumni Chapter. Officers work closely with us to guide our alumni activities and provide important feedback.

Saleh Al-Raisi, Class of 2014


CMU Tech & Entrepreneurship Middle East

CMU TEME was created to build a strong alumni network of entrepreneurs, industry experts, technologies and startups. Its mission is to build a strong community where CMU alums can thrive, help each other succeed and be inspired to make an impact.

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