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Micro courses

CMU-Q offers an extensive slate of micro courses that are taught by professors from main campus. Micro courses are an opportunity for students to delve into the myriad of topics and disciplines offered at Carnegie Mellon. Three micro courses are equivalent to one semester course.

Micro course topics change every semester. Here are some examples of past topics:

  • Intro to Health Psychology: SES and Health Inequalities
  • Intro to Health Psychology: Methods of Inquiry
  • Intro to Health Psychology: Stigma and Its Consequences
  • Cybersecurity in our Daily Applications
  • Digital Accessibility Fundamentals
  • Design your life
  • Photography: The Portrait
Questions about micro courses

Contact: Sheila Rian, Enrollment Services Manager
Email: srian@qatar.cmu.edu
Office: 4454 8565

Previous micro course faculty