Time Management Summary


Randy Paush was a loving husband to a wife and a caring father to his three children. He was a professor for computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and on 25th July, 2008, died because of complications from the cancer .

Randy delivered the most interesting lectures that I have heard my whole life, “Time Management” And at the end of the lecture, it was worth my time.

His tone was absolutely clear, and every word could be understood clearly. His speech had a good sequence. He didn’t let people drift off because of the light humor he put from time to time. The talk was even more fun to listen to because it had some daily life examples.

So all the tips he gave are really very good. First and foremost; consider money and time the same thing. This is something that most of us don’t normally do, and I found it really interesting. Calculate what your time costs and do not spend your time on stupid things. Because time is all we human beings have. And the best thing we can do in life is to spend this commodity in the most efficient way as we can.

Schedule yourself; prioritize what is important to you and bring it on top of your “to do” list. Find the time during which you can do your work most efficiently, and spend it alone doing your work. Also make time journals; monitor yourself. Calculate how much and where do you spend your time. Pausch gave a very good advice to students as well. That if they have an hour or so gap between their classes, they should make up a fake class for themselves. Find an empty space in the library and sit and do their work. Once they understand the value of their time, they try to value other people’s time as well.

“Procrastination is the thief of time”; doing things at the last minute is really expensive. Figure out why you are being lazy at doing a particular task. There will come out to be a reason, and then you will be able to come up with a solution as well. Make up deadlines for yourself and you will be able to do things quicker. Fit in things in your schedule. This way you will be able to finish your work quickly and so create a work-life balance.

He gave a last lecture titled, ‘really achieving your childhood dreams”. All of his lectures are really good to listen and have touch of humor to catch the attention of the audience.

Things I liked about the video

1. The energy with which he was giving the lecture.

2. The humour in his lecture.

3. The the simple tricks he told for managing time.

4. The simple life examples he related the problems to.

5. His willingness to lecture even with his medical condition

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