Summary of What is I.B.M.s Watson?

By Clive Thompson


            In this article, the writer explains how the company I.B.M tackled a challenging problem in computer science, which is creating a machine that can understand, analyze and answer, complex and research-required questions that human asks, or to be precise, a computer that understands our “natural language” so it can be used in many important applications that requires a fast reaction.

            This question-answering technology named Watson, was capable of handling heavy-duty jobs when the developers at I.B.M signed it in to enter the American quiz show “Jeopardy!” which features trivia in wide-spread topics. Watson impressed the audience and the producers with how it answered such puzzling questions in split-seconds. Experts predict that within a couple of years, this kind of technology will not only be further improved, but it will also be much cheaper so that it can affordable by any small firm. Technologies like Watson could then handle vital jobs such as a medical reference for doctors, that it can analyze the medical papers of any patient and then recommend the required medicine or procedures. Moreover, it can be used in virtual call centers, banking industry, transportation industry or any other retail industry. Thus, a technology like Watson can be used when an answer needed is critically dependent on time.

            Watson has improved the “natural language” field in computer science, and has proven how it can be very useful and helpful for humanity in almost all aspects, because it can firstly store data about a topic, then cut a huge amount of time by answering complex questions about it. Technology like Watson can be relied on because it uses hundreds of algorithms to generate the correct answer. Therefore, it can be used as a first line of defense to answer questions, because its answer is accurate, precise and fast.