Networking and Communication

In this summary reasearch, I will define Computer networking, its needs to connect with other computers, and its types.

From what I have learned through researching about Networking and Communication is that it is the way of computers to interact with each other to share information and data, and the least number of computers possible to connect is two. and there are five parts that the computers need in order to connect with each other and these parts are:- (note: the list is taken from Link1)

1- Router: which directs and organizes the data and then send them to the other computers, it is similar to a traffic light as the web states in Link1.

2- Network card: This hardware is always built in when buying new computers, this allows the the computer to connect to the other computer either by wireless or wire that can be put in the network card so the computers can be connected to each other correctly.

3- Protocol: it is the way or method or a "set of rules" that is used by the computers to share data, the most commonly used Protocol in the world is TCPIP (Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol).

4- Server: it is either a computer or a machine that serves or share resources or files to other computers

5- Client: the computer that is connected to the host or what is called the server where it has the privilege to see the shared resources or files.

Once we get these parts we can use them to create or connect them to one of the three types of network:-

1- Internet: The world's largest network, where it consists of many public, private and many other networks to serve almost all population.

2- Intranet: it is a secured and private network that are mostly used by organizations, companies, schools, and universities. its members can only access it inside the building. also uses the Internet Protocol.

3- Extranet: similar to Intranet, but in addition, Extranet members can access the network outside the building.

And finally, once the computers are set and connected either by one of the following wires: Twisted Pair, Coaxial Cable or Fiber optic cable. or connected by wireless, we can classify the method of the network as one of the four:-

1- LAN (Local Area Network): covers a small area, maximum area is a building area.

2- MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): covers large areas like a state and a single city.

3- WAN (Wide Area Network): covers area larger than a single city. this type of network is used for telephones for instance.

4- WLAN or WWAN (Wireless Local Area Network or Wireless Wide Area Network): they are similar to LAN and WAN except they are connected by wireless.






Question1: Will the future hosts or servers be able to identify the exact location of the client, user?

Question2: Will the future networks cover the world, so that even in the middle of no where, people can find a wireless and ask for help.

Question3: which is truly a better, safer way of connection, wire or wireless?