Cloud Computing:-

What I have learned from researching about Cloud Computing is that cloud computing is a huge network between various computers with shared resources and important information stored in untouchable servers. this means that companies don't have to buy a lot of hardware servers to avoid services slowing down and crashing, and they certainly don't need experts or technicians for maintenance. Hardware or computer servers were used a lot then. However, customers had to pay constantly to join the computer servers, so we conclude that cloud computing saves money and most importantly space. An example of it - like many people use - to describe cloud computing benefit of saving money is that its like using a taxi instead of owning a car, you don't pay for maintenance or fuel or whatever, you just pay for the ride. Furthermore, cloud computing can be elastic, this means that your network can be stretched as long as possible in a blink of an eye to satisfy your customers, and it can also be shrinked as you like. One thing that I realy liked about Cloud Computing is that it lets its users use different applications like spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Instant Messenger, or even games, without having them downloaded, which is excellent because it saves a lot of time and it's secure. In short, this is called SaaS (Software as a Service). websites like GoGrid, Gridlayer, Joyent and many others can offer hosting cloud computing. In other words, it's called PaaS (Platform as a Service). Technology experts predicted from a survey that Cloud Computing will be the future for most users as they will live "mostly in the clouds". And to be honest, I think that we are in this future that they are talking about, because Facebook is a form of Cloud Computing where it is used by 500 million people throughout the worlds, and that's a fact. Netflix also uses Cloud Computing to provide its users online streaming movies. Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 was designed to focus heavily on the Clouds.

All in all, Cloud Computing is making and will continue making the lives of many people easier just like mobiles or the internet. it makes the connection between people even easier, with less costs and more productivity. Companies who don't use Cloud Computing face problems regarding maintenance, upgrading the servers, finding technicians, costs, and usually slower servers due to the limit for the number of people connecting to the servers.

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Question 1: who was the first that suggested about using cloud computing?

Question 2: how do organizations secure cloud computing to make it safe for its users?

Question 3: is there a chance of Data getting lost in the clouds?