What's the Difference Between Computer Science and Information Systems?

This is a common question and yes, the two fields of study are closely linked. But generally, we define the two majors as follow:

Computer Science is the study of the principles of computing and how computers solve problems. You will study the different types of problems that a computer can solve and how one would present a problem to a computer. Abstract ideas that rely on fundamental mathematical theories are the basis of Computer Science.

Information Systems is the study of what technology/tools can best meet the Information management needs of a particular organization. These tools can be human, process-based or technological. Familiarity with such tools is essential for a successful IT professional.

The relationship between the two fields lies in the fact that when it comes to the specific technology and tools needed to solve problems, the Computer Scientists design the tools and the Information Systems professionals then apply the tools to the maximum benefit of their particular organization or task.