Student Government

Student Majlis, the Arabic word for government, is a student-led organization that is composed of 23 members and handles many governing responsibilities on campus. The Student Majlis represent the student body and serves as the platform to voice their opinions, needs and concerns.

The Student Majlis has facilitated the University's response to undergraduate needs and has funded a number of student organizations with various interests. Moreover, The Student Majlis is accountable for enhancing student life, organizing campus-wide activities and acts as a link between the students and the administration of the university. 

Our Mission Statement

The Student Majlis at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar is committed to diligently representing the student body, improving the students’ university experience and promoting the image of Carnegie Mellon Qatar by maintaining the highest levels of ethics, leading with integrity, selflessly working to develop all aspects of university life and contributing to the development of Education City. It’s the chief platform through which students collaborate together to help shape both their college experience and the experience of future classes.

Our Value Statement

Student Majlis believes that through good communication and liability among the Carnegie Mellon Qatar community, we will achieve unity and success for our school. 

The Roles of Student Majlis:

  • Supporting and advising Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar’s administration on student issues, regarding academics, on-campus facilities or extracurricular activities.

  • Creating the Carnegie Mellon Qatar constitution for students to refer to for Student Majlis policies.

  • Giving recognition for student organizations created on campus, and providing funding for their activities.

  • Working with all the other universities in Education City, to create a sense of unity and collaboration.

  • Organizing some campus-wide activities and events, through assigning event organization committees, that will include students from all classes, in addition to interested Student Majlis members.

Student Majlis Structure

The Student Majlis is composed of 23 members: a 7-member executive body who are responsible for making major decisions; and 16 student representatives, two from each class, who help communicate student issues and opinions to the executive board.
Student Majlis elections take place in the beginning of every spring semester, through a campus-wide voting process.

Duties of Student Majlis Positions

President duties:

  • Acts as the chief liaison between the Student Majlis and the university administration, and the recognized representative of the entire Student Majlis body.

  • Meet privately with Gloria Koury, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, at least once a month to present updates on student life, activities, issues and academics and try to find possible solutions.

  • Coordinate meetings of the student representatives with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at least once per month.

  • Serve as head of the student government and therefore maintain a high level of organization and responsibility among the members.

  • Facilitate Student Majlis meetings and the overall functions of the team, making sure all members are performing their duties.

  • Call for unscheduled meetings if necessary.

  • Take responsibility for setting the agenda for the Student Majlis meetings.

  • Constantly update the student body on Student Majlis decision, activities or any kind of changes on campus.

Vice President:

The Vice President basically handles the leading of Student Majlis team in the absence of the president, and performs all the duties that the president is responsible for. The Vice President should also:

  • Work on creating and updating the Student Majlis constitution.

  • Attend the president's meetings with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

  • Attend the meetings of the representatives with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

  • Schedules Student Majlis regular meetings, and call for unscheduled ones if necessary.

Vice President of Clubs and Organizations:

  • Serves as the link between student organization on campus, and between the organizations and the Student Majlis.

  • Organize the Club Recognition Application [1] process, and analyzing the applications.

  • Coordinate social event planning and administration, and for assigning event planning committees.

  • Ensure the integration of different organizations within the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar community, and oversee the coordination of the clubs and organization on campus.

  • Work with the VP of finance on allocation of student organization funding requests.

  • Ensure that the events and activities held by the clubs and organizations do not contradict the university policies or the Student Majlis constitution.

Vice President of Finance:

  • Work on allocating student organizations funding requests.

  • Keep record of all financial transactions done by the Student Majlis.

  • Work with the VPs of finance of all the clubs and organizations to oversee their expenditures and budget allocation.

  • Analyze Student Majlis budget and expenditure regularly, to ensure that any activities or events planned by the Majlis are within the budget constraint.

  • Work with the treasurer on analyzing receipts and student organizations expense forms handed by the clubs or by the Student Majlis.

  • Serve as a voting member of the executive board that helps in making major decisions.


  • Record the attendance and proceeds of all Student Majlis meetings.

  • Record the expenditures of clubs and the Student Majlis with the aid of the VP of finance, and act as the internal auditor for all Student Majlis budget-related matters.

  • Serve as the advisor for any club or organization that asks for assistance in funding-related issues.

  • Serve as a voting member of the executive board that helps in making major decisions.

  • Vice President of Academics:

  • Work with Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or/and with the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development to improve professor teaching performance.

  • Collect student feedback on course offerings.

  • Communicate the students' issues regarding courses, grading, material or professors to the Student Majlis, which in turn works on finding solutions with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or/and the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development.

  • Facilitate and organizes Faculty Course Evaluation process.

  • Serve as a voting member of the executive board that helps in making major decisions.

Vice President of Communication:

The Vice President of Communication is the principle communicator between the Student Majlis and the student governments of other universities in Education City. He/she also links between the Student Majlis and companies, organizations and universities outside Education City in case the Student Majlis needs to work on a certain matter through those groups. The Vice President of Communication is a voting member of the executive board as well.

Student Representatives

  • All of our 16 student representatives serve as the solid bond between the student body and the Student Majlis, in order to pay close attention to the occurrences within all the classes in the university.

  • There are two representatives from each class who communicate a genuine image of the students' issues and concerns.

  • The student representatives are accountable for meeting with their class privately once per month in order to allow the students to freely speak out their concerns or provide feedback on recent developments on campus.

  • The representatives are responsible for scheduling the bonding session with their class during the Representative Bonding Week at the end of each month.

  • The representatives should attend Student Majlis meetings, and may contribute in making major executive decisions.

  • Representatives may represent Student Majlis in the major meetings of clubs and organization on campus to report to the Majlis any requests or updates.

For more information on Student Majlis and current representatives please visit Student Majlis page.