Undergraduate Research Initiative

The Undergraduate Research Initiative has always operated on a good faith system with students.  Our intent is to support student research efforts and recognize faculty contributions to this process.

The Undergraduate Research Office provides seed funds for undergraduate research projects, recognizes students conducting research, funds undergraduates presenting their findings at academic conferences, and presents an annual undergraduate research symposium. The program is available to students from each of the University’s six undergraduate colleges. The Office has proven extremely successful in encouraging students to pursue graduate studies and research careers.

Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds is part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Undergraduate Research Initiative, which is a program that supports and encourages undergraduates to participate in innovative research.

Meeting of the Minds is an annual research symposium that gives students an opportunity to present their research and project work to a wide audience of faculty, fellow students, family members and industry representatives.

Students in business administration, biological sciences, computer science and information systems use posters, videos and other visual aids to help them present their work in a manner that can be easily understood by those who are not in that chosen field. Through this experience, the students learn how to bridge the gap between conducting research and presenting it to a wider audience.

A review committee consisting of industry experts and faculty members from other universities will review the presentations and choose the best projects and posters. Awards and certificates will be presented to the winners.  

Why is undergraduate research important?

Undergraduate involvement in state-of-the-art research is one of the key components of the Carnegie Mellon undergraduate program. In addition to deepening our understanding and potentially creating new technological breakthroughs, undergraduate research encourages students to extend themselves beyond structured course material and become independent thinkers and learners.

Research also enables students to enhance their learning beyond the classroom and become creative and independent thinkers who apply their skills in numerous ways that benefit society.

Involving undergraduate students in research has become a pedagogical tool nationwide, and undergraduate research at Carnegie Mellon has become a national model. Nothing really captures the mission of Carnegie Mellon better than research — and nothing better expresses the diverse ways our campus engages in research across the disciplines than

Meeting of the Minds. It is a unique Carnegie Mellon tradition.

Meeting of the Minds also includes senior thesis presenters and individual projects. Disciplines across the campus are represented.

Carnegie Mellon students and alumni are known for the many contributions they make to society, whether it is in the laboratory, on film or in the studio. Meeting of the Minds is an opportunity for all members of our campus community to see firsthand the many ways students at Carnegie Mellon are changing our world.

For more information, visit: Meeting of the Minds